Sustainable systems and additives for the polyurethane industry

Flame retardants for foams

Lanxess offers a wide range of products for the polyurethane industry, including flame retardants such as the phosphorus-based brands Levagard and Disflamoll as well as the reactive, bromine-containing product PHT4 diol.

The Levagard brand products are particularly suitable for use in rigid and flexible polyurethane foams. New, innovative solutions for rigid foams can replace previous application configurations.

Phosphates from the Disflamoll product range can be used in many polyurethane applications. In the CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) segment, they offer an excellent combination of flame retardancy and plasticizing properties.

Resistant to hydrolysis

PUR elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are established as high-quality materials in the footwear industry. The stabilizers in the Stabaxol range protect effectively against hydrolysis and extend the service life of the end products under moist or wet conditions. This opens up decisive competitive advantages and also enables new applications in higher quality segments. Good hydrolysis resistance is particularly important for everyday footwear and safety shoes, as well as ski and snowboard boots.

Due to their vibration-damping properties, polyester-based cellular PUR elastomers are used as additional spring-damper elements in almost all classes of motor vehicles. Stabaxol is used to prevent premature failure of these components due to ageing, which increases the service life of the entire suspension element.

Technically better and yet more cost-effective

The high-end modifiers in the Modulast range offer outstanding technical advantages in both thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and CASE applications. But it is not only the physical properties of these materials that can be optimized. Their production is also more cost-effective, as the proportion of polyols and isocyanates in the formulations can be significantly reduced. This substantially reduces the overall raw material costs.

Modulast PUR is a high-purity dibenzoate with a low hydroxyl content and therefore meets the market requirements of the PU industry. The modifier ensures exceptional coloration of the end product, low odor and improved elasticity properties. Modulast PUR can be used as a partial substitute for polyols in formulations.

The high-performance modifier Modulast ACE is characterized by its consistently low hydroxyl content. It is used in high-performance applications where low odor, extremely low exudation and low compression set are required.

Plasticizers for flexible polyurethane applications

Lanxess has a wide range of plasticizers that can be used in plastics, but also in polyurethane applications. As a phthalate-free plasticizer, Mesamoll is particularly suitable for flexible polyurethane sealants and adhesives that are expected to have a long service life, especially when in contact with concrete and moisture. Thanks to its high resistance to saponification, Mesamoll makes it possible to produce 1K and 2K polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives with a long service life.

Technical presentations by Lanxess experts

During the event, two application development experts from Lanxess will provide detailed information on new additives for the polyurethane sector. Dr. Gizem Cinar will present “New dibenzoate-based modifiers for polyurethane systems” (April 23, 2:15 pm, Auditorium 2) and Dr. Heiko Tebbe will explain the use of “Reactive phosphorus based flame retardants for rigid polyurethane foams” (April 24, 11:00 am, Auditorium 2).