Sidel strengthens commitment to FHPC markets

Sidel strengthens commitment…

Today, Sidel reaffirmed its ambition to help Food, Home and Personal care brands meet sustainability goals and stay competitive as it announced the appointment of a new global vice president. Pascal Lefèvre will develop and drive Sidel’s Food, Home and Personal Care strategy, meeting the unique needs of Food, Home and Personal Care markets and delivering flexible, eco-friendly, and tailored-made solutions that will address the new and complex retailing and distribution challenges that customers face.

As a leading packaging solution provider, Sidel is building a dedicated and integrated global organisation to tackle the specific challenges facing Food, Home and Personal Care markets leveraging the collective expertise of Sidel’s global teams.

Pascal Lefèvre explained that he will ensure Sidel can provide innovative solutions that offer the flexibility, operability and product care demanded by these fast-moving and rapidly evolving market segments, while drawing on existing capability and expertise. He said: “The Food, Home and Personal Care markets remain of critical importance to Sidel and we will continue to enhance the products and services that we offer to our customers as we look to triple this key part of our business by 2030. Sidel has more than 50-years of experience supporting the Food, Home and Personal Care segments, driving innovation and developing solutions that cater to its specific needs. Our portfolio of products and services has expanded throughout the years with the acquisition and integration of specialist businesses like Cermex for case packing, Gebo for conveying and accumulation and Newtec for palletizing, allowing us to offer a true full set of expertise at every step of the line.”

Pascal Lefèvre

Pascal Lefèvre will lead in the provision of innovative, eco-friendly, and ultra-flexible equipment to Food, Home and Personal Care customers. These feature a comprehensive range of blowers and end of line solutions, including packers and palletisers, for any type of primary and secondary packaging. Sidel also offers complete or partial integrated lines in categories like edible oil, sauces & dressing, coffee and more.

He added that: “We are committed to the Food, Home and Personal Care segment’s transition to sustainable packaging solutions in response to growing consumer demand, ensuring that manufacturers can play their part in the journey to net-zero. Sidel is supporting brand owners through the transition to fully recyclable light-weighted PET or r-PET containers, leveraging our design capability and market-leading blow moulding solutions with its preferential heating technology for shaped containers.”

In embarking on this new ambition for Food, Home and Personal Care, Sidel is building on over 50-years of experience. The company is mastering the complexity of the diverse needs of the Food, Home and Personal Care industries and will continue to prove that it can operate as a strong and sustainable partner in equipment, packaging and line design with tailored solutions, innovations, and services

The Sidel Group designs, manufactures, assembles, supplies and sells complete packaging lines for liquid foods packaged.