Scanfill AB – expanded range and more launches in store

Scanfill AB – expanded range…

Scanfill AB is expanding its product range with Scanfoil PS ESD and promises more material launches within a couple of months.

“We have taken the next step in our work with customized packaging materials, and with PS ESD we can adjust conductivity according to the customer’s wishes,” says Karl Banke, Technical Support, Scanfill.

After having completed the first customer tests in late 2021, Scanfill is now ready to present the new material – Scanfoil PS ESD (Polystyrene Electrostatic Discharge). It is the perfect packaging material for the electronics industry, as Scanfoil PS ESD protects advanced technical applications against static discharge thanks to its surface resistivity.

“With our new material, PS ESD, we can help customers by adapting the material based on their product’s requirements. We can meet customers’ specifications by adjusting the material to the required level of conductivity,” Niklas Linde, salesperson at Scanfill.

Scanfill is expanding its product range in 2022 with, among other things, new antistatic materials.

A welcomed investment in customized and technical materials

Scanfill AB offers materials with surface resistivity ranging from 10^2 to 10^9 Ω. Within this range, they can specify smaller ranges and offer material with an accurately specified surface resistivity, for example 10^2–10^4, 10^3–10^6, and 10^5–10^9 Ω.

“In recent years, we have received many inquiries from customers concerning this type of material, and we are now very pleased to be able to present a product that is suited to multiple demanding end uses,” Linde continues.

In autumn 2022, Scanfill will further expand its material portfolio by launching Scanfoil PP ESD (Polypropylene Electrostatic Discharge).  

“It is perfectly aligned with Scanfill’s green profile and its portfolio of eco-friendly and sustainable foils for thermoforming,” says Banke.

Polypropylene has an even smaller impact on the environment than polystyrene and is highly sought-after in the recycling market.

The new Scanfoil PS ESD material protects advanced technical applications from electrostatic discharge.