Polykemi helped Separett to reduce their carbon footprint

Polykemi helped Separett to…

In collaboration with Polykemi, Separett saved almost 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year thanks to a material-smart choice. This corresponds to emissions from around 400 cars.

Based on a scientific study from 2021, Polykemi Group have developed a calculation tool that the company uses to analyze material choices. It allows them to calculate, together with customers, how they can make even smarter material choices for their products.

One company that Polykemi has helped to reduce their carbon footprint is the Swedish family-owned company Separett. They have manufactured water-free toilets for more than 40 years and they focus strongly on sustainability, climate and the environment. By switching from ABS to POLYfill PP HBK1501515 white they save approximately 700 tonnes of CO2 per year, which corresponds to emissions from close to 400 cars during the same period. In addition to the savings made without compromising on function or quality, the chemical and UV resistance actually improved.

“Thanks to Polykemi, we made a smart material choice to replace ABS with the crystalline PP and reduced our CO2 emissions,” says CEO Mikael Billsund.

Mikael Billsund, CEO and owner of Separett, achieved huge CO2 savings by changing the material in their water-free toilets.

“This is what we do together with our customers. Our customers get a partner to collaborate with, we make things easier for them and help them reduce their carbon footprint. With our help, they get actual data on how much they have reduced the CO2 emissions of their product by replacing the material. It is a positive change that doesn’t impact the product’s properties or functionality,” explains Gustav Hugoson from Polykemi’s sales department.  

Careful material choices results in major possibilities to save both the climate and resources. Making smart choices when it comes to materials reduces a company’s carbon footprint but also save time and costs.

“We provide our customers with documentation that they can present to their end customer. It’s a new way of thinking, both for us, the injection moulders and for the end customer,”  Gustav Hugoson concludes.

Gustav Hugoson, Sales at Polykemi.