Polykemi AB at Fakuma 2017

Polykemi AB at Fakuma 2017 The worldwide producer of tailor made thermoplastics compounds will be focusing on Blends - the family of compositions with two base polymers. SCANREX - the new family of high-performance plastics like PPA GF. POLYfill PP HC - the high-tech polypropylene based material that saves weight and gives a total cost reduction. Finally the increasingly important environmental issues with the REPRO and REZYcom compounds.

A new product in the blend family - POLYlux PC/PBT MP 4011 for ao exterior automotive applications, is a further development that provides injection moulders a wider process window and displays a good visual surface on the finished parts, which is also reflected in the overall degree of gloss.

Polykemi introduces a new product family of high-performance materials called SCANREX. The first members are two PPA compounds with 30% and 50% glass fiber. The new materials typically find use in mechanical components and automotive parts. In mechanical applications examples of parts where these properties are taken advantage of include gear wheels and hinges. Within the automotive industry the material contributes to weight reduction by replacing metal in supporting constructions. In the engine compartment PPA can be found in mass measuring valves, throttles and in fuel line connectors.

The weight reduction and total cost save of components, has ever importance for all industries. The solution can be found in the light weight range POLYfill PP HC –state of the art polypropylene reinforced by glass fiber/mineral, which is used as a replacement for PA6 GF30 or PBT GF30 depending on the specifications and design requirements.

Final focus is the ever increasing concern of the environment. This environmental concern is reflected in the two families. REPRO - the standard range of recycled materials. REZYcom -the tailor made plastic compounds with a recycled raw material base. Here customer has access to environmentally friendly materials meeting the specifications of various businesses. For instance, thermal aging tests at 150 ° for 1000 hours and tests of UV resistance.

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Source: Polykemi AB

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