Moretto at K 2022: Beyond all expectations

Moretto at K 2022: Beyond…

Trust, sharing, rediscovering relationships that in recent years had to be cultivated through a video or a phone call. This mood characterized the K show. Days full of meetings that have shown great interest not only in the displayed solutions but especially in the desire to meet in person again and stay together. In addition, an enthusiastic innovative motivation, a growing demand for technology and great interest in energy-saving solutions without giving up performance marked the event.

"Let's be honest. On the fair eve, there were some doubts about the market response in terms of visits. The unpredictability and uncertainty related to the historical period we are living through and the aftermath of Covid pandemic did not allow us to make any predictions. However, I must admit that starting from the first day, any doubt was dispelled” – said Silvia Moretto, Marketing Manager of the company.  

For Moretto, leading company in the production of automated systems for the plastics processing industry, the K 2022 was a successful fair both in terms of visitors number and for the great amount of high quality requests received. Once again, it has been recognized the level of excellence and attention to detail that Moretto involves in every project, a renewed confidence in business. An event in which Moretto's “green soul” found expression in the development of innovative technologies that allow better production, in less time and with maximum control, according to energy efficiency criteria.


From 19 to 26 October, Düsseldorf was an international showcase that confirmed the interest of exhibitors and visitors in increasingly topical issues such as circular economy, digitalization and environmental protection, which are essential for the safeguard the planet and us. Important messages that also characterize Moretto's corporate culture and spirit.

Green soul.

Precursor in the field of sustainability and energy saving, Moretto has taken up a path of research and design that leads to the development of countless solutions guaranteeing efficient and energy-saving production processes for years. This attention is reflected not only in the products, but also in a series of eco- responsible activities and investments that involve the entire company including economical, ecological and social objectives. An example is the intelligent energy management: each company building is in fact equipped with an electricity meter for the different work shifts to organize production according to energy efficiency criteria. Expanded also the company car fleet with new electric cars and charging stations. The various initiatives also include the choice made by Moretto to use only energy from renewable sources in its plants. In fact, the “100% energia pulita” label identifies that the electricity comes from a renewable source, the water that feeds the hydroelectric power plants located in the Dolomites. Noteworthy is also the intervention made by Moretto in 2018 following the Vaia storm - an extreme meteorological event in Triveneto region causing millions of trees to fall and the consequent destruction of tens of thousands of hectares of Alpine forests. Moretto wanted to contribute to the repopulation of 220 hectares of mountain forest with 90,000 new trees as a sign of renewed hope for the future.

Technological attitude.

Moretto is recognized worldwide for the quality and reliability of the offered solutions, for its natural technological attitude. Technology understood not only as the supply of a "good machine", but in the sense of offering a product that is functional, flexible, money-saving and environmentally friendly, that ensures the operator a user-friendly experience. Products that are conceived, designed, developed, assembled, tested and improved with meticulous attention. A level of innovation that anticipates market demands, 168 patents prove the company willingness to innovate with exclusive products. An attitude that could be seen in all the machines displayed at the Moretto stand, in the attention to detail, in the construction elements designed to facilitate the operator work, in the studied mechanisms that optimise production processes and avoid any error. Machines designed to last over time and able of adapting to the evolving customer demands. An example is X Comb, a high-performance dryer that responds to multiple technical moulding applications by adapting to the changing supply conditions facing the market. A highly energy-efficient product for demanding sectors such as medical, optics and electronics that continues to receive great success worldwide.

Connected networks.

Intelligent, flexible, data-driven. These are the characteristics of modern production plants. Moretto, through dedicated equipment and well-trained personnel, achieves total digital connectivity between machines, processes and plants without forgetting the most natural 'connectivity', the one among people. In fact, at the centre of everything for Moretto remain interpersonal relationships, ideas and concepts sharing, conviviality. This was precisely the fair mood. Eight days full of handshakes, meetings with historical and new customers, business. A continuous connectivity that will surely give rise to new interesting challenges and opportunities.  


For Moretto, the K show proved to be not only a great exhibition, but also a contact and sharing opportunity. A space where seeing the technology that characterizes the brand, the historical commitment to developing solutions that guarantee efficient and low energy consumption production processes, the connectivity that cancels distances and optimizes processes.