May prices will be announced later

May prices will be announced…

PE, PP demand continues to remain low in Poland. Market players note that off-grade material has been more popular this month. Owing to low demand and the forecast of further quote reductions in May, sellers have decided on another price decrease. The average prices have declined by a further €20/t. However, traders claim that this had no affect on elevated activity. Contract quotes for monomers are likely to remain stable or decrease minimally by €10-15/t in May.

Other market trends - PE:

  • The off-grade injection-moulding HDPE price remains close to that of the virgin one due to limited availability in the market.
  • There is no virgin material shortage in the market.
  • Market players continue to observe low market activity.
  • The off-grade LLDPE price has varied within the spectrum of €1,050-1,120/t.
  • Market players expect no price announcements this week due to the upcoming May holidays.
  • Due to the PE price reductions this week, the European PE value may change by not the predicted €50-60/t by Chem-Courier, but slightly less - by €30-40/t in May.

Other market trends - PP:

  • Players claim that the PP demand is at a modest level.
  • There is no materials shortage in the market.
  • The PP raffia and injection-moulding PP price has decreased by another €10/t and €20/t, respectively.
  • The copolyemr price has decreased by €25/t due to minimal demand.

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