Market players await polyolefin price announcement

Market players await polyolefin…

Monomer contract prices were announced early this week. Propylene and ethylene depreciated by €40/t and €45/t month on month. According to Chem-Courier’s data, polyolefin producers have sent no price lists to converters and traders so far.

"On Wednesday, 1 November, there was an official holiday in Poland, of course, it is too early to talk about demand or new prices" a market player has said.

There was a shortage of PP random and PP homopolymers with high MFI in late October, however, it is unclear yet how this situation will develop this month.

Polyolefin prices are expected to appear early next week. As Chem-Courier stated last week, producers will try to keep prices at the current level. However, PE and PP spot quotes are likely to go €40 - 60/t and €20 - 40/t down this month. The final price movement will depend on converter’s buying activity.

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