Leading provider of colour measurement solutions at the K 2022

Leading provider of colour…

Considered the “industry standard” in many applications, Konica Minolta’s measuring instruments are essential in many manufacturing sectors, such as automotive, paints & coatings, plastics, building materials, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Derived from decades of experience in optical metrology, Konica Minolta's innovative colour measurement solutions support its customers and their supply chains in R & D, production, quality assurance and quality control. Through the continuous expansion of our product range, we are fully able to meet the challenges of the new era for the plastic industry.

The pressures of economy and ecology have placed recycling at the top of the agenda for the plastics industry. However, customers and consumers still expect consistent and quality colour despite the inherent variability of recyclates.

Solutions for the plastics industry

When using recycled plastics, accuracy and consistency of colour is not guaranteed. Indeed, adding an additional variable like recyclates means that it is even more important for masterbatchers and compounders to control the properties and formulation of recycled and virgin material, as well as the colour quality of the final product. New approaches and new technology can help producers work efficiently to meet the demands of a changing market.

Saving time and reducing waste in both material and energy is a high priority for every producer. Matching and correction of colour typically requires many tests (and therefore a lot of time and waste) to produce the desired hue. The expertise, measuring instruments and software offered by Konica Minolta Sensing helps our customers to dramatically reduce matching and correction steps, cutting time to market, improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

Konica Minolta’s expertise in optical technology delivers industry first features, reliability, and a focus on real world usability. Whether developing the first benchtop spectrophotometer to include an ISO compliant 60° gloss sensor or user focussed innovations like Wavelength Analysis and Adjustment technology and the CM-CT1 device administration software. Our solutions help to save time, cut the risk of operator errors, and ensure accurate and traceable colour data.

Across the vast range of processes, sample types and industries supplied by the plastics industry, Konica Minolta offers instruments, software, expertise and after sales support to help customers produce accurate colour. Whether you are operating with powders, granules, pellets, recyclates, or finished products, our experienced team are available at K to help you find the best solution.

Visit us at the K trade fair. We are looking forward to your visit at our stand: Hall 11 / Stand F68