KraussMaffei at NPE: “Make plastic green”

More transparency and efficiency with socialProduction

All injection molding machines at the booth are connected to socialProduction via the KraussMaffei smartCube. The socialProduction product family enables intuitive monitoring of the injection molding machines, the production process and the condition of the machine components.

productionMonitor, for example, guarantees a quick overview of the machinery and helps to efficiently monitor each connected machine with intelligent production key figures. With processSupport, the process is monitored autonomously using artificial intelligence. The early detection of deviations and proactive communication to the operator increase efficiency.

The liveCare condition monitoring solution offers continuous online monitoring of the condition of the machine components. This enables the implementation of condition-based maintenance strategies. EnergyControl ensures that energy consumption is optimized. The module provides a detailed insight into the total energy consumption of the injection molding machine and the individual machine components, including energy-related CO2 emissions.

US market debut of additive manufacturing solutions

KraussMaffei has achieved a significant milestone by successfully introducing its additive manufacturing solutions and services in the EMEA market. Starting in the second half of the year, these industrial AM systems will also be available for the US market. A key component of this offering is the innovative LSAM (Large Scale Additive Manufacturing) system, powerPrint alongside the precisionPrint stereolithography system.

At the NPE, KraussMaffei will showcase current case studies and solutions that illustrate the impressive capabilities of powerPrint. The powerPrint excels in processing large parts while leveraging the advantages of 3D printing. With the capability to produce fully or partially filled structures, achieve a build volume of up to 10 m³, and simplify the implementation of complex designs, powerPrint presents a compelling alternative to conventional production methods across various industries and applications.

The large-format 3D printer powerPrint from KraussMaffei stands for a cost-effective, industrial and reliable 3D printing

Excellent partner network

Further partners at the KraussMaffei booth at the NPE show are the following companies: Audia Plastics, Basell Polyolefine, Big Spielwarenfabrik, Brabender, BUNTING-Newton, BYK-Chemie, ColorLite, ConAir, Dow, ECON, HEKUMA, , iNOEX, Kärntner Montanindustrie, KONGSKLIDE, motan, Open X, Prospect Group, Repi, S.C.S Societa Construzione Stampi, Sikora, STÄUBLI, technotrans, Trexel, vasantha group and Vision.