Indonesian brewery chose the complete Sidel can line

The installed PAMA pasteuriser, which features Sidel’s unique PRINCE Plus software, for ideal control of the Pasteurisation Unit (PU), was specifically tailored around Bali Hai’s requirements. “We decided to install this system to have a constant level of quality and consistent taste across our beers. Specifically, we have been able to further cool down the can temperature at the outfeed of the pasteuriser, therefore eliminating the risk of unstable quality we have experienced in the past. With the latest technology from Sidel, we can now narrowly adjust and control the PU in accordance with the specified settings for a fully controlled beer taste,” says Blegog. On top of that, by maximising the size of the pasteuriser, Bali Hai can now also welcome future production increases. 

Flexible and compact End-of-Line solution to handle a wide variety of SKUs 

In fact, the new canning line runs twice as fast as the brewer’s old line. As a result, the output became three times bigger, growing from 500 to 1,450 trays per hour. With two different can formats (330 ml and 500 ml), nine different recipes and various secondary packaging options, the number of SKUs handled by Bali Hai’s canning line lies at 18. This required a high level of flexibility at the secondary packaging stage, yet with no compromises on an optimised footprint. 

In addition, the leading Indonesian brewery decided to shift from RSC cases to film for economic benefits and installed Sidel EvoFilm® Access, a seamless shrink-wrapping solution for low to medium speed applications. They also wanted to be able to widen the secondary packaging solutions offered to their customers, including multipacks. Blegog comments, “With the new line, we have a sophisticated tray and film solution that we can apply to produce various packing alternatives; for example, four- or six-packs wrapped on one tray containing a total of 24 cans, run on one solution. If multipacks are not requested, products can bypass the tray and film packer directly to the shrink-wrapping system.” 

With a modular design concept allowing for a broad array of configurations and options, EvoFilm Access offers expanded flexibility. “We added some tailor-made options to fit Bali Hai’s needs,” says Stéphane Séné, Key Account Manager at Sidel. “First, a ‘Design to Cost’ approach has been applied to deliver the best quality-price-performance ratio available on the market for shrink-wrapping at speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute. Secondly, we implemented a simple conveying solution to feed the shrink-wrapper: this way, the customer was able to save some factory floor space, now dedicated to warehouse purposes. In addition, we removed the need for a divider by orienting the lanes of cans differently. The customer is therefore able to manage eight pack configurations more easily and efficiently. For greater versatility, the system can manage both packs and lose cans,” he adds. 

“The best beer packaged with the best machinery” 

The ease of operations brought by Sidel’s End-of-Line solution became instantly clear when, after its integration, no specific training of the customers’ operators was required. “By operating Sidel solutions in our brewery, we expect to fulfill the market demands whilst providing excellent quality products. We are very satisfied with the performance of the recently installed complete line. Overall, we believe the best beer is produced by the most qualified people and packaged with the best machinery – and for that Sidel is the solution,” Daniel concludes proudly.


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