In sync with the times - Chinaplas to highlight Circular Economy

In sync with the times - Chinaplas… Technological innovation, on one hand, favours the acceleration of modern development as well as changes in various markets, while on the other, is driven by the latter two. Chinaplas, being a prominent platform for innovative technology and communication, is highly responsive to the needs and the trends, and always brings in new elements, perpetually providing energy to the plastics and rubber industries.

"Circular Economy" as a megatrend - after "Industry 4.0"

To foster circular economy is a global consensus and is a major Chinese economic and social development strategy to achieve sustainable development. As such, great potential and bounteous market opportunities arise with it. Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., organizer of Chinaplas, said, "It's going to be the 33rd edition of Chinaplas in 2019. Every time, it responds to the market demand and introduces new moves accordingly. In the past three editions of show, we have boosted the significance of Industry 4.0. After that, circular economy will be the next big trend."

"We've been aware of circular economy for some time. As early as 2011, we launched the 'Bioplastics Zone', introducing biodegradable plastics and bio-based plastics. We have also set up a 'Recycling Technology Zone' since 2016 in Shanghai. The show lineup continues to grow. In the upcoming Chinaplas, circular economy will be promoted to a prime position, leading exhibitors and visitors to explore the enormous potential."
She further added, "We have just participated in the 28th Asia Plastics Forum & 17th Term AFPI Conference (2016 – 2018) held in Bangkok, Thailand this September. Under the theme 'Creating Sustainable Value through Circular Economy', local government, industry associations, raw material suppliers and brand owners shared their ways to treat waste plastics and protect the environment. It demonstrates that circular economy is a big topic among the plastics industry globally."



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