Formnext 2023: multifaceted conference program on three stages

Formnext 2023: multifaceted…

This year, for the first time, Formnext’s presentation program will be spread across three stages: The Application Stage, Industry Stage and Technology Stage will focus on key AM trends, applications, and exhibitor innovations.

Application Stage – successful implementations of AM

On the Application Stage, major international user companies will demonstrate how they are taking advantage of Additive Manufacturing to drive their innovations forward. Among others, it concerns the areas of footwear manufacture, 3D printed electronics, printed textiles for the fashion world, components for aircraft cockpits and robotic 3D Printing on the moon. High-ranking representatives from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and MT Aerospace will be discussing the use of new materials and the hybrid manufacturing of satellite tanks (using DED and PBF) for the aerospace sector.

The Audi AG and the BWT Alpine Formula 1 team, who are no strangers to high speeds both on the road and in production, will be appearing on the Application Stage to demonstrate how they are putting AM to successful use in their industry. And from the rail industry, experts from Austria, France, and Germany will be discussing similarly fascinating 3D Printing innovations in their companies and reporting on how they are successfully bringing innovative applications to rail.

The Application Stage will also offer deeper insights into technical developments and the latest research findings. Users and researchers from universities around the world will discuss topics such as multi-material printing, continuous fiber reinforcement, and 3D Printing of tool steel H11. Sustainability will be another important subject area for this stage, with discussions focusing on wide-ranging applications, such as 3D Printing of building facades, AM for bio-inclusive cities, improving efficiency in the energy sector, and vertical wind turbines.

Industry Stage – Meta-topics and cross-disciplinary discussions

Sustainability will also be a focus on the Industry Stage, where well-known companies from the partner region Nordic, including Equinor, Lego Group, Danfoss A/S and Grundfos Holding A/S, will talk about how they are using Additive Manufacturing to conserve resources. The Industry Stage will also address other key topics, such as supply chain resilience and cybersecurity – amongst others Viaccess-Orca and Daimler Truck AG – Daimler Buses GmbH, as well as new emerging technologies such as bioprinting and 3D Printing of medicine, e.g. from FABRX Ltd. The topic of investments is also given a stage here: After brief presentations of the start-ups during the Pitchnext event, experts (including those from NewCap Partners, HZG Fund Management, Freigeist Capital III GmbH, and AM Ventures Management GmbH) discuss investment and financing options for young AM companies.

Beyond that, topics such as skills shortages, profitable business models, and challenges & opportunities that the entire AM world is dealing with are part of the program.

Technology Stage – Exhibitors showcase their innovations

The list of companies appearing on the Technology Stage reads like a who’s-who of the AM world, with leading manufacturers joining a host of young enterprises to present and, in some cases, premiere their latest innovations at Formnext 2023. The program of the Technology Stage covers the entire spectrum of Additive Manufacturing from AM production to materials and pre-processing to post-processing. Visitors will therefore have the chance to experience a wide range of innovative products up close and get in touch with the experts.