Enter in Moretto’s world at Plastpol 2019

Enter in Moretto’s world at…

Moretto, Italian leading company in the automation for plastics processing industry, will participate at Plastpol, the largest plastics processing exhibition in Poland and Central Europe, which will be held in Kielce from 28th to 31st May 2019. Together with the team of the local branch, Moretto will welcome the main players of the plastics industry, in a large and modern space located in Hall C, Booth C 15. 

Since its foundation in 1980 Moretto has pioneered auxiliary equipment for injection molding, extrusion and PET processing customers, innovative solutions characterized by employing the latest technologies available and customized to meet their needs. The Moretto’s East Europe branch, based in Częstochowa, plays a key role in the local business by promptly responding to the needs of customer, providing efficient and turnkey solutions, supporting them with know-how and services, pre, during and after-sales.


Eureka - the most advanced drying system in the world

Entering the booth means getting in tune with the world of Moretto: high technologies 4.0, strong and attractive devices, video screens and technical information and support held by specialized staff ready to welcome visitors. On display at Plastpol a wide range of Moretto’s machines specifically designed to manage a perfect polymer treatment, in particular for conveying, drying, dosing, grinding, temperature control and cooling phases.

''Energy efficiency'' is the focus for the plastics processing industry, increasingly characterized by specific complexities and high levels of performance, mainly required by sectors such as automotive, medical and packaging. To achieve the goal Moretto offers a wide range of efficient, smart and automatic machines, all connected with MOWIS 3, the advanced supervising and management system for the integrated control of the entire supply chain in plastics processing plants.


DPK - continuous loss-in-weight color feeder

Among the main 4.0 products on display at Plastpol there is surely the adaptive conveying system One Wire 6 which allows maximum efficiency and self-calibration in conveying systems. This server is the only patented intelligent system available on the market able to define and maximize the amount of granule to be delivered thanks to the exclusive VIBE technology. The entire transport por can also be easily managed by a wireless touch interface and, like most Moretto products, also interfaces with MOWIS supervisory control system. Together with the One Wire 6 station, the Venturi and Kasko hopper loaders and the automatic manifold Dolphin complete the conveying solutions displayed at Plastpol.

At Plastpol visitors can discover Eureka Plus, ''the most advanced low consumption drying system available on the market'' able to reduce energy consumption by 56% compared to conventional drying systems. Eureka Plus consists of four Moretto patented technologies: 

  • X MAX, the only high performance multi-bed modular dryer
  • Flowmatik, a dynamic airflow management system
  • OTX, innovative hoppers with an exclusive internal geometry
  • Moisture Meter Manager, this revolutionary device measures polymer residual moisture in-line, adapts the drying system operations, manage and control in close loop the drying process guaranteeing product certification and incredible energy savings.

By working together, these four automations provide an ''on demand'' self-adjusting, modular and energy-saving drying system.

Moisture Meter Manager - perfect drying management

At Plastopl Moretto will also highlights the powerful mini dryers X Comb , a complete range characterized by strong turbocompressors, zeolite technology, dew point equalizer (up to -60°C) and the exclusive OTX hopper. X Comb is mostly requested by strong sectors, like medical and automotive, for drying small quantities of material (hourly production from 1 to 36 Kg/h) and saving 50% of energy.

Moretto will also present a great range of dosing machines:  the new loss-in-weight dosing unit DPK, the gravimetric dosing unit DGM Gravix and DBK Gramixo, ideal for extrusion. These devices allows high precision dosing, modularity, reaction speed, connectivity and remote control.

Moretto’s team is pleased to welcome you at Plastpol 2019 in Hall C booth C 15.

Source: Moretto