BOY presence at Chinaplas 2024 in the Far East

BOY presence at Chinaplas…

Chinaplas 2024 in Shanghai will take place from 23rd to 26th April 2024. BOY will show two small injection moulding machines in Hall 2.1 at booth number F92. Its Chinese representative, Andeli Co., Ltd. will present two medical special parts to the visitors.

On a BOY 25 E a screw made of PEEK will be produced which is intended to be implanted into the tendon sheath area. The individual weight of the part is 0.093 g only and the mould is operated with two cavities for high-precision injection.  

On a BOY XS an osteosynthesis-plate with a single-cavity, sprueless mould will be produced. This part is frequently used in the orthopaedic industry for the fixation of the skeleton. The individual weight of 0.05 g with a cycle time of just 4.7 seconds requires a high level of repeatability of the machine.

The BOY 25 E is a two-bar, fully-hydraulic reciprocating injection moulding machine with a two-platen clamping unit and a swivelling injection unit. This machine is not only the most compact one of its kind with the lowest machine hour rates, the price/performance ratio is remarkable, too. With the plasticising unit EconPlast, available as an option, the energy consumption of a BOY 25 E will be significantly reduced. Five injection units in different s with screw diameters from 14 mm to 32 mm guarantee a precise manufacturing of injection moulding parts with a parts weight of up to 69.5 g (PS).


The BOY 25 E can process a wide range of thermoplastics, elastomers, silicones and thermosets as well as metals and ceramics (PIM technology).

With a clamping force of 100 kN on a footprint of 0.78 m², the BOY XS sets standards in continuous industrial operation. The compact and highly energy-efficient injection moulding machine with its innovative and proven technologies offers a wide range of applications in micro and sprueless injection moulding of small parts. With an efficiency classification of 7+ according to Euromap 60.1, the BOY XS only requires 0.49 kWh of energy per kilogramme of material processed.

The intelligent design is perfectly adapted to the requirements of micro injection moulding. A 12 mm plasticising unit (optional: screw diameters from 8 to 18 mm available) ensures the shortest dwell times - a major advantage for the gentle processing of temperature-sensitive materials.