Aurum TPI with dielectric properties serves for coating applications

Aurum TPI with dielectric…

With applications in the aerospace and aviation, medical or electronics industry in different forms like film, fiber, membrane, foam, adhesive or coating Aurum has gained important position in the polymer and resins industry.  

Aurum, a high performance thermoplastic by Mitsui Chemicals Inc., marketed and distributed by Bieglo GmbH in Europe and BARplast LLC in the Americas with Tg 245℃ (473°F) surpasses other thermoplastics in temperature resistance in the polymer industry.

Among several applications, coating has a special place and is used to develop advanced structures having high temperature resistance and flame retardancy for high tech industries via an economical and feasible way.

Why choose a TPI Powder coating?

The coating can be applied with on complex geometries and in various thicknesses. Thinnest layers 40 – 50 µ / micron   (1.60-2 mils) .

Properties of insulation, non-flammability, dielectric breakdown strength, flexibility and radiation resistance make Aurum a complete insulator. Thus Aurum  becomes the best choice for smooth coating for wire- or other electronic and electrical parts with minimum pin-holes as compared to other coating materials.

Aurum  is suitable for coating applications due to adhesion to the several materials such as metals, polymers, carbon, silica based materials (glass fiber, carbon fiber) etc. Sensors, spacecraft, electrical devices (batteries, displays, wires), medical devices, capillary tubes, separation membranes are some of the best coating applications of Aurum . 

Aurum can be coated in thin layers and covers sharp edges, making it suitable for coating on complex design parts. Other properties are:  non-toxicity, resistance to heat, low outgassing and its stability near welding spots.

With features such as dimensional stability (stable of CLTE) and good creep resistance, a low and stable coefficient of dynamic friction and very low outgassing, Aurum proudly takes a place high up in the High Performance Polymer pyramid. 

To know more about Aurum  and get advice for custom applications visit Bieglo and BARplast at Fakuma 2021 (Hall A4-4110)