Wittmann at the Plastpol 2024 in Kielce, Poland

Wittmann at the Plastpol 2024…

From 21 to 24 May, Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will present to trade visitors ultra-modern injection molding technology at the Plastpol in Kielce, Poland, at booth No. F-11 in hall F. The highlight of the presentation will be an EcoPower DC machine operating with direct current.

The great significance of the Polish market for the Wittmann Group makes the Plastpol an important platform for the company to introduce its latest technologies to this market.

The highlight of this year’s product presentation is the EcoPower 180/750+ B8X DC machine model. This machine, operating via a solar power storage unit consisting of ultra-modern, ecological salt battery technology on sodium-nickel basis supplied by innovenergy, is designed as an Insider model. This means that the robot and the conveyor belt are integrated in the work cell, which comes with a protective housing. The system is equipped with a WX142 robot which is powered via the machine’s intermediate DC circuit. On this machine, a drainage unit will be manufactured from polypropylene, using a single-cavity mold supplied by Kunststofftechnik Grabher GmbH. The battery used to supply the system with power has a total capacity of over 45 kWh, more than sufficient for continuous operation of the machine during an entire 8-hour trade fair day. To compensate the injection molding machine’s short-term load peaks, additional electrochemical capacitors known as super-caps are used to complement the sodium-nickel storage units.

EcoPower 180/750+ B8X DC

Automation and auxiliaries

In addition to the robots and auxiliaries connected to the machine on display, a number of stand-alone solutions will also be shown at the Plastpol.

Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will present a new Primus 116 robot with the R9 control system, which offers machine operators better readability compared to its predecessor model through higher resolution, plus a display surface enlarged by 20%. The appliances of the Primus series are low-cost linear robots with pick-&-place functions for machines with clamping forces ranging from 350 to 9,000 kN. Especially in this field of application, the robot’s short removal time is extremely important. It is achieved by reducing the moving masses; for this purpose, the Primus robots come with aluminum profiles in their vertical axes and operate with servo belt drives.

A further highlight in the presentation of auxiliaries at this year’s Plastpol will come from the field of temperature control technology. The company will exhibit appliances from the Tempro basic series which are used in applications depending on precise temperature control, as well as Tempro plus models featuring the user-friendly touch control panel plus options such as the utilization-controlled pump regulation with EcoDrive.

Tempro plus D temperature controller

Simultaneously, Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will show a selection from Wittmann’s range of dryers. The exhibits will include several Drymax Primus dry-air models as well as an Aton Plus segmented wheel dryer. With the mobile dryers presented, material throughputs between 15 and 30 kg/h and drying temperatures of up to 130°C are possible. Optionally, these appliances are also available in a high-temperature version with temperatures of up to 180°C. For smaller throughputs and consequently a drying process ideally located right next to the feed zone of the injection molding machine, a Card compressed-air dryer will be on show as well.

Materials handling technology will also have its proper place. In addition to central and stand-alone conveyor units, such as the Feedmax S3 net, Wittmann Battenfeld Polska will present the new Feedmax Clean with a dedusting function, specially designed to meet the more and more stringent requirements of the circular economy and the ensuing increase of plastic granulate with dust content. The program will be rounded off with a Codemax RFID-controlled coupling station, which in combination with the M8 network control system ensures correct material feeding. This unit is able to control materials handling systems with up to 22 conveying points and up to two vacuum circuits.

Feedmax Clean conveyor with dedusting function

As to recycling, visitors to the Plastpol will also get an opportunity to view several models from the Wittmann range of granulators, such as a G-Max 33 cutting mill and an S-Max 3 screenless granulator. Finally, there will be several blenders on display to complete the program, namely two Dosimax volumetric blenders and one Gravimax primus 14 gravimetric blender with real-time weighing, so that the granulate can be returned to the process under precise control.

Gravimax 14 gravimetric blender

Airmould 4.0

The expertise of the Wittmann Group in the field of internal gas pressure technology will be demonstrated by an Airmould 4.0 mono module and a manual control unit. These appliances of the latest generation have been developed and manufactured by Wittmann Battenfeld Germany.

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