Wittmann Battenfeld with sustainable technologies at the Plástico Brasil 2023

In terms of energy efficiency, the all-electric EcoPower from Wittmann Battenfeld ranks at the top among the machines of the PowerSeries. The EcoPower comes with a highly efficient direct drive. The deceleration energy from the drive units, normally returned to the power network by an elaborate process, is used by the EcoPower within the machine to provide the necessary voltage for the control system, and for the heater bands. On an EcoPower 180/750 equipped with a W818 robot from Wittmann, a drinking cup from Tritan, supplied by Eastman, USA, will be produced with a 12-cavity mold from Btomec. The material is free of BPA and BPS and therefore ideally suited for multiple use applications.

Automation and auxiliaries

Apart from the robots and auxiliary appliances connected to the machines on display, several stand-alone solutions from the range of robots and auxiliaries will be showcased at the Plástico Brasil as well.

The Wittmann Group’s expertise in the field of linear robots will be demonstrated by staging a chess match with a WX143 robot. This robot comes with an A/C-Servo-combination axis and an L-shaped gripper equipped with two separate magnetic gripping units to handle the chess pieces. The second of these grippers is used whenever a chess piece is captured, that is, must be replaced by another on a certain field. The chess pieces themselves are produced on a 3D printer and have a metal core, so that they can be handled by a magnetic gripper. The robot, gripper system and chess software are all controlled by the latest Wittmann R9 robot control system.

WX143 robot

From the range of auxiliaries, the temperature controller models Tempro plus and Tempro basic will be exhibited at the Plástico Brasil. Tempro plus D appliances are easy to operate via a self-explanatory touch display. Numerous options make it possible to configure these appliances for virtually all applications found in the plastics processing industry.

Tempro plus D temperature controller

Also on display will be a Drymax 300 dry air dryer which excels by a high level of energy efficiency, as well as one Silmax 600 and two Silmax 800 appliances, all equipped with the M8 control system, and a Gravimax G14 gravimetric blender. Blenders of the Gravimax series come with 2 weighing cells, and with the unique RTLS real-time weighing system. The result of combining both these features is lower material consumption plus better parts quality.

Gravimax G14

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