Wittmann Battenfeld with sustainable technologies at the Plástico Brasil 2023

Wittmann Battenfeld with sustainable…

At the Plástico Brasil in São Paulo, from 27 to 31 March 2023, Wittmann Battenfeld will present to interested trade visitors latest injection molding machines, automation and auxiliaries at its booth No. F080. The main focus in showing these technologies and applications will be on the issue of sustainability.

With the positive development of the Brazilian economy over the last two years, the Brazilian market has gained even more significance for the Wittmann Group and now become one of the company’s most important markets. So, the Plástico Brasil constitutes an ideal platform for the Wittmann Group to present to this market its latest technologies in this area.

At this year’s Plástico Brasil, the Wittmann subsidiary Wittmann Battenfeld do Brasil will show to trade visitors applications and technologies in the area of injection molding equipment which contribute substantially to protecting the environment.

On a high-speed EcoPower Xpress 300/2100++, equipped with a Sonic 143 robot from Wittmann specially developed for high-speed applications, a cake plate will be produced from a biodegradable material supplied by the German company Biofibre, using a 4-cavity mold from RK ferramentaria, Brazil. The biomaterial is completely free of any harmful or toxic chemical substances, thus fulfilling the safety requirements according to the EU EN71 standard. The raw materials of which this material is made have been sourced as far as possible from local production and do not compete directly with foodstuffs and animal feed.

The EcoPower Xpress is an all-electric high-speed machine whose highly dynamic drive shafts for injection, closing and opening are laid out for fast movements and extremely high control accuracy. The EcoPower Xpress is able to reach injection speeds of up to 600 mm/s and injection pressures of up to 2500 bar.

EcoPower in the new Wittmann design

Resource conservation in the form of material savings will be demonstrated on a servo-hydraulic machine from the SmartPower series. This machine stands out by its great stability and energy efficiency. On a SmartPower 120/525 fitted with a Primus 16 robot from Wittmann, a coat-hanger will be manufactured with a single-cavity mold using Airmould, the Wittmann Battenfeld internal gas pressure technology. The weight reduction achieved by this method is 25% compared with a similar part injection-molded by a conventional process. Airmould technology is a process developed by Wittmann Battenfeld, in which nitrogen is injected into the cavity of the mold partly or completely filled with melt, thus creating an internal structure of hollow spaces. The compressor and nitrogen generator unit used for this purpose has been developed and manufactured by Wittmann Battenfeld.

Coat hanger produced with Airmould internal gas pressure technology
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