Wittmann Battenfeld live at the Fakuma 2021

IMAGOxt to minimize energy consumption

All machines exhibited at the Wittmann booth will be equipped with the IMAGOxt software, an additional module for the MES TEMI+. IMAGOxt makes it possible to visualize and monitor the energy consumption, or energy flow.

IMAGOxt supports the preparation of a detailed energy cost analysis for the machines connected to it. This enables subsequent creation of user-defined KPIs, generation of personalized alarm signals and monitoring of the company’s energetic performance.

Airmould Center 

The latest developments in the area of Airmould internal gas pressure technology will be presented in a separate Airmould center at the booth. Here, interested visitors can gather detailed information about the opportunities this technology has to offer in terms of sustainable parts manufacturing, as well as the advantages of the new pressure control module and the Airmould Next manual operating device of the next generation.

From the left: pressure control module and manual operating device for AIRMOULD

Wittmann Interactive – streaming from the fair to the technical labs

In addition to the exhibits on display at booth 1204 in hall B1, the Wittmann Group will offer its visitors the opportunity to log in on site with the technical labs in Kottingbrunn, Meinerzhagen and Nuremberg, using the new media technology Wittmann Interactive, in order to receive information about further selected exhibits.

Via Wittmann Interactive, Wittmann Battenfeld will present existing technologies such the Cellmould light-weight technology on a MacroPower 1100/12800. With this machine, a seat carrier for a German sports car model will be manufactured from PP using a single-cavity mold supplied by Frimo, Germany.

Moreover, inline recycling with a SmartPower 60 Ingrinder will be demonstrated at the Meinerzhagen facility. On this machine, a can with a lid made of PS will be produced using a double 2-cavity mold.

At the facilities, several new applications will also be shown in addition familiar technologies:

Injection compression molding for thinner wall thicknesses

In injection compression molding (ICM), the melt is injected into a mold which is not completely closed. The actual forming process takes place by way of pressing the melt into the cavity after the mold has been closed. In this way, the mold can be filled under lower pressure, which results in reducing the warpage inside the part.

A cup, manufactured on a high-speed EcoPower Xpress 160 using ICM thin-wall technology

Wittmann Battenfeld will present this technology in Kottingbrunn using a high-speed EcoPower Xpress 160/1100+. The machine is equipped with a Wittmann robot for fast parts removal. Using a 4-cavity mold supplied by GLAROFORM, Switzerland, a thin-walled cup will be produced within a short cycle time. The highly dynamic drive technology of the high-speed EcoPower Xpress makes it possible in particular to work with the short injection times required for the ICM process.

Saving resources with Airmould Next internal gas pressure

With Airmould Next internal gas pressure technology, nitrogen is injected into the mold cavity, which is either partly or completely filled with melt, thus forming an internal cavity structure. In this way, light-weight parts can be produced within a short cycle time and simultaneously with good surfaces.

All necessary system components were developed by Wittmann Battenfeld. The pressure control module and the manual operating device required for use on machines of other brands have been thoroughly revised, with a special emphasis primarily on compact design of the new units, as well as improvement of user-friendliness and quality monitoring.

The new Airmould Next internal gas pressure technology will be demonstrated in Meinerzhagen with a SmartPower 120/525. On this machine, a towel holder made of polystyrene will be produced.

Decorated and functionalized surfaces

In a joint project with Leonhard Kurz, a maker of functional foils and foil feeding equipment, and Syntech Plastics, an IMD technology supplier, Wittmann Battenfeld is continuing to drive the interesting and promising theme of decorated and functionalized surfaces for the automotive industry as well as white goods and other sectors, by supplying appropriate injection molding technology. To this end, the company is working on a machine concept which incorporates all essential elements for four different decoration processes and will be adjustable to specific applications. The equipment is to be laid out flexibly for IMD with a foil feeding unit, IMD with foil pre-heating, IMD Vario with pre-heating and thermoforming insert molding. The machine is equipped with the EXPERT-Coining package, which permits parallel mold movements during the injection process.

Towel holder, produced with AIRMOULD® Next internal gas pressure technology

Via Wittmann Interactive, the partners will present the production of an interior covering for the automotive industry with a functional surface at the Wittmann Battenfeld facility in Nuremberg on a SmartPower 300 production cell with automation and Wittmann 4.0 integration. The finished interior part will be shown on demonstrators at both the Wittmann booth and the booth of Leonhard Kurz.

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