Two Sidel Matrix Combis in Sanpellegrino plant to help increase production capacity

Additionally, using fewer component machines, Sidel Matrix Combi offers 2-4% higher efficiency levels than standalone machines, faster format changeovers, lower energy consumption and a reduction of operating costs by 8-12% as a result of savings on labour, raw materials and spare parts. By handling the bottles by the neck throughout the latter stages of the production process and the elimination of intermediary conveying, it also offers greater freedom of shape and significant lightweighting opportunities. Featuring a unique look&feel, the PET version of the S.Pellegrino bottle was conceived and designed to be enjoyed at home and on the go. It is created in the same Vichy shape to ensure that the effervescence and bubbles of the mineral water’s unique style would be immediately recognisable.

Andrea Lupi, Sidel’s Global Key Account Director, comments - “Both Sidel Matrix Combis installed at the Ruspino facility feature Sidel’s Blendfill configuration, combining carbonator and filler in a single system for top quality sparkling water. This solution contributes to further reducing consumption of CO2 and results in a smaller footprint.”

Both Combis supplied to the Ruspino site are equipped with Sidel's SF300 FM filler, ensuring strict hygiene - via a reduced filler enclosure - fully automatic changeovers performed via HMI (Human Machine Interface), optimum uptime and highest productivity. This solution allows for a reduction in the use of CO2 and, by using servomotors, it minimises the consumption of electrical power. Utmost precision of filling is guaranteed, thanks to magnetic flowmeters and no vertical movement of bottles. This allows smoother handling, minimal foaming and no bottle jams. Moreover, the reduced filler enclosure ensures minimum use of water and chemicals during external cleaning. This is how the Sidel Matrix Combi achieves full food safety - a major priority for Sanpellegrino.

Proven performance and excellent project management

Throughout the Sanpellegrino project, communication between the installation teams of both parties was regular and efficient and Sidel’s proactive approach resulted in the welcome and timely passage of expert advice to facilitate implementation of the new equipment. “Installation of both Sidel Matrix Combis was performed without affecting our production planning,” continued Sbriglione. He added - “We are equally confident that our collaboration with Sidel will ensure that we quickly attain our top line efficiency objectives and with the company’s ongoing support, we will maintain and maybe even - at some future point - improve them.”

Sanpellegrino is the leading beverage company in Italy, offering a diversified product and packaging portfolio that comprises four still and sparkling mineral water brands - including the country’s leading brand, Levissima - various soft drinks and teas.

Source: Sidel

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