Tomra presents the new Innosort Flake for unrivaled flake sorting performance

New design with multiple benefits

William Zeng, Product Manager Tomra Recycling Sorting, describes: “We developed the machine with the requirements of our customers in mind. With its integrated cooling system and robustness, it delivers an even more stable performance in challenging environments and delivers reliable results for maximum output and profitability.

Furthermore, with the enhanced technologies, recyclers already achieve very high purity levels after the first sorting step. Depending on the contamination level of the input material and the target purities, fewer sorting steps might be required.”

User interface new Innosort Flake

The new Innosort Flake comes with up to four chutes and a changeable illumination background. This level of flexibility makes it possible to run multiple sorting and recovery steps in a single machine, leading to considerable time savings and less material handling.

As a system only performs best when all components work seamlessly together, maintenance is crucial. The new design gives unrestricted access to the machine’s components enabling smooth maintenance with little downtime.

Data-driven analysis

In addition, Tomra Insight can be installed as an add-on service. The cloud-based data monitoring platform contributes to improving sorting performance. On the one hand, it helps optimize processes through data analysis. Identified inefficiencies and predicted maintenance further support the reduction of machine downtime and productivity losses. On the other hand, its real-time monitoring gives plant operators access to data anywhere and anytime to maintain process stability.  

Piovesan concludes: ”Thanks to the enhanced technologies, the new Innosort Flake revolutionizes plastic recycling. Customers testing our system are convinced of its capabilities and ease of use. Now, they can mitigate higher levels of contamination and create the highest purity fractions by running multiple sorting steps simultaneously.

This adaptability combined with state-of-the-art technologies makes the new Innosort Flake a future-proof flake sorting solution for any recycler who aims to produce extrusion-ready flakes.”