Sustainable injection molding technology for high-quality plastic parts

The cooperation between FUSO and Wittmann Battenfeld has already been in existence for four decades. The machines most recently supplied by Wittmann Battenfeld are exclusively models from the SmartPower series. The machines from the SmartPower series are hydraulic machines equipped with fast-responding servo motors and powerful constant displacement pumps. This technology, combined with the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) to recover the deceleration energy within the machine, which is included as standard, provides the SmartPower’s high level of energy efficiency. Further characteristics of the SmartPower are its small footprint and its pivotable injection unit, which ensures easy access to the barrel for quick and comfortable barrel change.

All SmartPower machines except one are designed as Insider cells, which means that they come with a Wittmann robot and a conveyor belt integrated in the production cell. This variant offers a number of advantages, ranging from an enormous amount of space saved compared to systems with conventional automation solutions, all the way to cost advantages from the fact that all hazardous areas are already secured and certified ex works. Moreover, the robot cycle time can be minimized due to shorter travel distances and direct parts depositing on the conveyor belt.

The machines delivered in 2023 also come already equipped with the new B8X control system and the HiQ Flow assistance system. The B8X control system includes several control components developed in-house. These allow a higher internal clock frequency with shorter response times to sensor signals and consequently a higher standard of parts reproducibility, with user-friendliness and familiar visualization remaining unchanged. The HiQ Flow assistance system is an injection regulation function by which viscosity fluctuations in the material used can be compensated. This function enables automatic process automation and compensates even minimal fluctuations in the material quality. FUSO is so completely satisfied with this system that all of the company’s other machines have been retrofitted with it, too, wherever technically feasible and economically advisable.

“The Insider cells based on the servo-hydraulic SmartPower and Wittmann linear robots meet our requirements in every respect”, Maximilian Högn confirms. “The equipment is space-saving, highly energy-efficient, easily accessible and easy to operate.”

from the left: Martin Stammhammer, Int. Sales Manager Robots, Wittmann Technology, Maximilian Högn, CEO of FUSO, Klaus Großtesner, CSO of FUSO, Andreas Högn, Majority Shareholder and Advisor, FUSO, Roland Pechtl, Area Sales Manager Wittmann Battenfeld
(Photo: Wittmann Battenfeld)
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