Sustainable and efficient drive concepts for the plastics industry at the K 2022

Sustainable and efficient…

From October 19 to 26, 2022, the plastics and rubber industry will be meeting at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf. The circular economy, digitalization, sustainability and energy efficiency are the topics of focus of this year’s trade fair. Baumüller will be presenting various suitable exhibits. We will show how energy-efficient drive systems record and lower the CO2 footprint of the end product. Thanks to clever Baumüller software features, machine damage can be avoided and the emissions increased. Another trade fair display unit illustrates how the digital twin can be used to design and commission servo-hydraulic drive trains completely virtually. All use cases will be shown live at the exhibits in Hall 11 on Stand A45.

Smart use cases at the trade fair – increase energy efficiency, reduce the CO2 footprint, Industry 4.0 and intelligent drives for the IoT

Smart Efficiency: On the Baumüller trade fair stand, a hybrid machine concept shows how intelligent drives and functions in combination with servo hydraulics help to minimize the CO2 footprint. By electrifying the closing unit and using the generator energy for braking, for example, the energy consumption of the machine can be reduced. I.e. with increasing electrification, the injection casting machine becomes more energy efficient.

Smart Energy Monitoring: In the same exhibit, drive-based energy monitoring is used to present the energy consumption of the drive system transparently.

For example, after a reference run, the travel distance can be optimized in energy terms and thus the CO2 footprint of the end product can be reduced. This new software function assists in determining the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) or prepares for future documentation obligations within the scope of the EU’s Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI).

Smart Protection: The comprehensive software package contains numerous features specially developed for the plastics sector. One example is the internal controller “Thermal pump protection” function. The SmartValue function prevents the thermal overload of internal gear pumps. This can occur in the machine cycle, particularly in case of long hold times of high pressures and low flow. If a critical threshold value is reached, a hydraulic bypass is connected to relieve the pump. Machine damage can therefore be avoided. Another advantage of Baumüller SmartValue: The drive becomes a data hub and, in addition to the pure drive tasks, can also collect additional relevant data from various sources, pre-process them as required and, for example, forward them via OPC-UA to the cloud, control unit or an edge PC.

Smart Engineering: In another use case, Baumüller shows how the digital twin supports the design and optimization of the drive system. To this end, drives and motors of the electric closing unit with toggle joint are simulated. ProSimulation also enables faster commissioning and drive optimization of the injection casting machine. In this way, time and costs can be saved. Simulation models for the servo hydraulics are also available in ProSimulation. These will be actively presented on the trade fair stand.

ProSimulation offers the possibility of testing the drive behavior realistically during the design phase, and in addition to optimal design of the drive components, also enables faster commissioning and drive optimization