Rotovia, international leader in rotomoulding, sponsor of ARMO 2023 conference

Rotovia, international leader…

Rotovia's deep commitment to the development of the rotational moulding industry, as well as the promotion of sustainability in plastics processing, are the key issues that influenced the company's participation in this year's ARMO conference. Rotovia, as one of the main sponsors, plans to contribute to the success of the event and, through collaboration with other industry leaders, address the current challenges facing the plastics industry.

ARMO is a three-day event with more than 30 presentations on 'sustainable rotational moulding' by key international speakers. This year's event, which will be held in Poland for the first time, in Poznan., from 10-12 September. The event will address an extremely important topic for all players in the rotational moulding industry. Rotovia, a company with more than 50 years of history and a leader in the rotational moulding industry, will present its position on the need to implement sustainability and its impact on the future of the plastics industry during the conference.

The concept of sustainability in the rotomoulding industry


The major challenge for the plastics industry is to reduce the consumption of raw materials and the energy intensity of the rotomoulding process. Switching to green energy sources and choosing renewable and biodegradable materials can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Optimising production strategies to generate less waste. In addition, developing plastics recycling technologies and promoting circular economy models can create a more sustainable product life cycle. These changes require the cooperation of the entire industry.

During the talk, entitled 'Rotovia - our road to sustainability', Rotovia CEO Dadi Valdimarsson will present the company's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, energy consumption and minimise waste. In this way, Rotovia wants to draw attention to the most important issues related to the plastics business and also inspire other organisations to adopt green practices and sustainable actions in the rotomoulding sector.

Rotovia - a strong brand and experienced player in the rotational moulding industry

Rotovia is a international company that has built its strong position on a group of companies operating and collaborating in the rotomoulding industry.


Headquartered in Iceland, the company has an international presence, with facilities in many countries, serving customers in a variety of markets and industries. It has ten production facilities located in seven countries, in Europe, including Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Canada and Iceland. With this significant position, the company is active with Custom Moulding in a wide variety of markets such as renewable energy, agriculture, leisure, construction and vehicles.

The next of the custom rotomoulding business, the company is also known for launching innovative products and services under the Sæplast, VARIBOX and Tempra brands.

Rotovia leading the way to a sustainable future in rotomoulding

Rotovia's growth strategy, planned until 2028 largely focuses on sustainability, a priority theme for the company. Among the organisation's main objectives is to reuse more than 20% of the materials in its new products. Rotovia plans to recover end-of-life products from customers in order to recycle them. This action will improve the use of closed-loop products and further implement the concept of sustainability.


Product reuse is key to reducing the environmental impact of a product over its lifetime. It saves resources and reduces the amount of waste caused by the manufacturing process and waste generated by products with a short lifetime. For Rotovia, designing with recycling in mind is extremely important. The drive to create more sustainable products is an important step towards building a more responsible circular economy and protecting our planet.

Meet the forces leading Rotovia on the road to sustainability

In mid-July, the 'Meet the Management' campaign was launched with five videos featuring Rotovia's top management, the forces leading the company on the 'road (via)' to sustainability. During the short interviews, it is possible to get to know the organisation's managers, their views and their personal motivations more closely.

All videos released as part of the campaign can be viewed on Rotovia's You Tube channel:,

Rotovia, being one of the leading companies in the rotational moulding industry through its sustainability work, is changing the face of the rotomoulding industry, bringing it into a new era of excellence.

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