Polykemi continues to deliver materials in the fight against COVID-19

Polykemi continues to deliver…

For some of Polykemi's customers, the prevailing world situation leads to production increases and need for more material than normal. An example of this is the development of longtime customer Liljas Plast AB in Hillerstorp Sweden, which among other things produces parts for respirators and face masks.

Liljas Plast has previously produced the parts for respirators in the material POLYblend PC/ABS PBL 83FR in grey, and particle filters in face masks have been produced in SCANAMID 66 PA66 A120FC in the colors black and orange. As demands for these products has now increased dramatically, the need for these materials is also increasing.

In both cases, there is a request for larger order volumes and immediate deliveries, and the customer now works around the clock, every day of the week, to meet the demands. Polykemi does everything to deliver increased volumes on time.

-  It is truly satisfactory that the materials also can be used in these types of products, which can mean both a relief for those effected by the virus and can protect against being infected, says Johan Sonesson, Area Manager at Polykemi.

When the volume of orders increased at Liljas Plast, they had to act fast to be able to increase the production rate. It was then they contacted Polykemi.

- Our customers in this segment placed orders that in volume represent normal annual consumption with the desire for immediate deliveries over the coming weeks. Then of course we are grateful that Polykemi was able to respond quickly and deliver more material to us in a short time, says Mr Emil Granstrand who works with sales and project management at Liljas Plast.


Source: Polykemi AB