Polykemi AB participates in the fight against COVID-19

Polykemi AB participates in…

Polykemi AB received an urgent call on Friday afternoon from a customer in Switzerland, where a number of extraordinary measures were required. A material used in respirators was urgently needed in the fight against the corona virus COVID-19, which caused Polykemi to act even faster than usual. 

Within minutes after the plead of the customer, both production and transport departments were informed. After a few working hours, the order was received and the material was planned for production. A couple of hours later, the material was produced, quality approved and in stock waiting for transport in the fastest possible way directly to the waiting customer. The material was sent from Polykemi the 24th of March and arrived to the customer the day after. 

The material POLYfill PPH GF5015HC FA Natural is used for details in respirators, a product that is really needed these days.

- We are very pleased that our flexible organization with short decision paths and distinct team spirit has enabled Polykemi to contribute in the fight against the virus, comments Mattias Persson, Sales Manager at Polykemi. 


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