Polish buyers may reject price increases

Polish buyers may reject price…

According to Chem-Courier’s data, the Polish polyolefin market was awaiting the announcement of new prices last week. As before, the market lacked the European materials. Some traders confirmed the availability of the imported goods from the United States, South Korea and Egypt, but said that converters had been uninterested in them. The food and furniture packaging as well as automotive industries were the most active buyers in August. The construction sector also recovered somewhat owing to state incentives, but its overall condition remained unsatisfactory.

In September, PP and PE prices are forecast to go €30-40/t above the current levels and €100/t above the early August ones.

As for the commodity supply, the situation looks ambiguous now. Market players are waiting for official offers from producers, but it is already clear that the Central European maker may be a temporary short of film HDPE as it will do routine repair soon and reduce the production of certain grades. According to market participants, the producer plans to sell the entire output domestically.

Traders consider a demand boom in the first week of September unlikely. "Converters bought a lot of the materials in August, so we do not expect a big rush at the beginning of the month," a Polish trader said. If so, customers may turn down the predicted increase in prices and they will fall in the middle of the month.


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