Pioneering reactive additives for PU from Milliken

Pioneering reactive additives…
Milliken, the supplier of polymer bound colorants and additives for the Polyurethane Industry, invites Utech 2015 visitors to discover its unique fully reactive polymeric additive technologies focused on enhancing performance, improving visual appearance and preserving the long-term quality of polyurethane (PU) systems - all without contributing to VOC or FOG levels.

Milliken's polymeric technologies are based on OH-terminated chains and are 100% reactive into the PU foam, elastomer or coating. Integrated within the final PU article during manufacturing, they avoid migration and loss of properties over time, and help to address the major issues of degradation and discoloration of PU articles due to light and heat sensitivity. The polymeric additives support polyol manufacturers and polyurethane producers in improving the emission profile of their products, meeting the most demanding test requirements for VOC and FOG such as VDA278.

Visitors to Milliken's Booth 1340 can look forward to:
  • Reactint Colorants: 100% homogenous liquid and fully compatible with all types of PU systems. They offer high color strength versus pigment dispersions, with in-line blending capabilities for a quick response to market demands.
  • Milliguard AOX for PU foam: active against scorch and foam yellowing, the additives ensure reduced scorch in polyether and polyester foam, as well as in TPUs and elastomers, with delayed yellowing after NOx exposure and reduced emissions.
  • Milliguard AOX for polyol stabilization: supports VDA 278 compliance and improved foam stability and performance.
  • Milliguard UVX: improves UV performance and VDA 278 compliance for highly demanding PU and TPU applications, including elastomers, coatings and stay-white PU foam parts.
Additional products include the new AlphaSan AF VT, a new stable dispersion designed to provide cost-effective antimicrobial and antifungal performance in foam applications that require special protection, such as sponges, furniture, mattresses and pillows.

Milliken will also highlight the capabilities and benefits of its additive technologies during the UTECH 2015 Conference. "Preventing Degradation and Discoloration in Polyurethanes Using Polymer-bound Stabilizers and Colorants" will be presented by Sven De Vis, Technical Service & Development Engineer for Milliken’s Chemical Division on Wednesday April 15 at 14.15 hrs.


"Milliken's additive technologies bring a comprehensive and fresh approach to the challenges facing the polyurethane industry. They offer a substantial improvement in areas such as UV stability and emission reduction, and create opportunities to cost-effectively add value and improve end-product appeal through innovative functionality or color choices," comments Antoni Puig, Product Line Manager EMEA – PU Colorants & Additives, Milliken.


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