Pashupati an Recykal: Creating a Positive Environmental Impact

Pashupati an Recykal: Creating…

Pashupati Group, a 45-year giant in manufacturing of sustainable recycled resins, committed to a better tomorrow, has joined forces with Recykal, a managed marketplace for post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). This collaboration reinforces the shared commitment of both organisations to boost the channelisation of PCR Resins to meet the increasing demand of brands and manufacturers. This partnership represents a pivotal advancement in championing closed-loop production systems and curbing the environmental footprint of manufacturing operations.

Pashupati Group has been at the helm of creating sustainable solutions by recycling plastics, including PET, and Polyolefin. Pashupati Group has  4 recycling facilities, 2 packaging facilities across India with a total of 300,000 tonnes processing capacity, preventing 10 Million Pet Bottles and 2 Million of Polyolefin bottles every day from going to landfills or water bodies. Having won accolades and global certifications for product quality and consistency over the decades, it exports sustainable recyclates and other value-added products with recycled contents to over 25 countries worldwide. The group is driven by a singular vision to be a global leader in recycling and processing plastic waste to offer sustainable and closed-loop solutions to the world.

Recykal, a leading cleantech startup, operates a tech-driven marketplace streamlining post-consumer waste for brand owners and recyclers. With a visionary approach, Recykal has launched a sophisticated Recykal8, a B2B marketplace that channels post consumer recycled materials like PCR resins, PET flakes, Fiber and Yarn, catering to the needs of brands, recyclers, and producers of different industries. Through strategic partnerships, serving as a sales and marketing ally for recyclers with the right processes and capacity, Recykal aims to amplify its impact in circularity. Recykal advances its commitment to channelise materials to increasing market demand.

This alliance is a step to further the shared vision of both organisations - to create a sustainable circular economy ecosystem that has a long lasting positive impact on the planet. Recykal's innovative platform, Recykal8, is set to revolutionise Pashupati Group's approach to channelise sustainable materials by establishing a key link with Brands & Manufacturers. Through this partnership, Pashupati Group will leverage Recykal8's advanced marketplace to access high-quality PCR materials, aligning with their goal of promoting eco-friendly and responsible manufacturing processes.


Brands that want to introduce their sustainable products and use recycled packaging can source the PCR from Pashupati Group on a large scale without compromising on quality and compliance to manufacture products and packaging for their environmentally conscious consumer. This collaboration will enable speed at which material connectivity be established to meet the obligation of PWM regulations that have mandated the use of Post Consumer Recycled resins in the packaging.

Mr. Bankey Bihari Goenka, Managing Director at Pashupati Group, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, - At Pashupati Group, we are dedicated to fostering a greener future through our sustainable practices. This collaboration allows to accelerate the supply of regular and consistent quality post-consumer recycled resin complying with International Quality Standards. Together, we look forward to making significant strides towards environmental stewardship and circularity.

Recykal's Founder and CEO, Abhay Deshpande, commented on the collaboration, saying - We are delighted to join forces with Pashupati Group, a trailblazer in sustainable manufacturing. By leveraging Recykal8's capabilities, we aim to facilitate a seamless flow of recycled materials, driving market sustainability and supporting Pashupati Group's vision for a more eco-conscious industry.