One-button injection moulding machine

Online support, remote service, augmented reality - the functions are now already widely used. What are your achievements in this area?

With our myConnect offer, precisely the features mentioned are already available to our customers. myConnect covers all the necessary topics to make our service offer more effective and efficient. For example, a service ticket can be started directly on the machines and we can get in touch directly to understand, analyse and solve the issue at hand. This ranges from remote service and replacement ordering to guided support at the machine via smart glasses or a simple app on the smartphone.

We are also seeing the rapid development of AI. This is particularly noticeable in the social sphere, although we often see side-effects of this development as well. But let's stay with our business. What is the role of AI for injection molding processes?

AI will certainly play an increasingly important role in the future. Because with data clarity in the background, a variety of possibilities arise. For example, a recommender function is conceivable, similar to those in online shops. Here, suggestions are made on the basis of purchasing behaviour and comparison with other customers. Such learning functions are also conceivable for injection moulding machines. The AI can learn how certain topics were solved and suggest them when similar challenges arise again - to name just one of the many possibilities.


Finally, I would ask you to play the role of a visionalist. What will the injection molding technology sector look like in 20 to 30 years?

The dream we have is still the "one button machine" and we are working towards it. This dream seems to be getting closer, but it is difficult to estimate how close we will get. Because on closer inspection, new dependencies are always added. What we will achieve by then, however, is that we will make the work of process engineers in the production environment much easier. The systems will solve many issues on their own that are currently holding up employees from their actual work and thus make everyday work more comfortable.


Jacek Leszczyński