Material innovations for batteries and electromobility

Higher capacities, faster charging, more charging cycles

Particularly in the cells - the "heart" of lithium-ion batteries - Lanxess materials are contributing, directly or indirectly, to increase the performance of batteries. For example, the iron oxide pigments Bayoxide E B are precursors in the carbothermal reduction process for the production of lithium iron phosphate (LFP). This cathode active material is characterized by a long lifetime and, among other things, enables fast charging of batteries at high charging currents.

The battery capacity and the number of charging cycles can be increased using Rhenofit CNT-4. This product involves dispersions of carbon nanotubes, which are used in both cathodes and anodes.

Ion exchange resins of the Lewatit brand have long proven themselves in the extraction and production of battery grade nickel and cobalt, as well as in the purification of high-purity lithium. These three metals represent key components for cathode materials used in batteries of today’s electric vehicles.

Raw materials for electrolytes

Lanxess is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrofluoric acid and phosphorus trichloride, two key materials for lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6), which is the standard conducting salt used in electrolytes for lithium-ion cells. "The massive ramp-up of production capacities for lithium-ion batteries in Europe will also trigger the demand for this electrolyte component. We can secure the supply for a LiPF6 and electrolyte production in Europe with both key materials," says Ebenbeck.

Extraction of lithium suitable for use in batteries

Lanxess is also confident that it is well positioned with regard to the global rise in demand for lithium for battery chemicals. There are plans to collaborate with Canadian company Standard Lithium Ltd. on the commercial extraction of lithium suitable for use in batteries from brine that Lanxess produces in El Dorado, Arkansas, US, in order to manufacture bromine products. Standard Lithium is contributing an innovative process for the extraction of high-purity lithium directly from brine. The technical and economic feasibility of the project is currently being examined.

Source: Lanxess AG