Fakuma 2023 is all about sustainability for Polykemi

Fakuma 2023 is all about sustainability…

The compounder Polykemi AB will be exhibiting at Fakuma 2023 with sustainability solutions as an overall theme. They will present their CO2 calculation tool, will give daily presentations in the stand about smart material choices and inform about the new ISCC PLUS certification.

With the LCA software program developed by Polykemi and certified by an independent institute, the company can present the environmental impact for all virgin and recycled compounds manufactured in their own worldwide production facilities, in accordance with the cradle-to-gate calculation basis.

To show potential CO2 savings, sustainability experts Henrik Palokangas and Karl Banke will be giving short presentations about this and smart material selections. The presentations will be held several times a day in their own trade show booth, and participants can have their own examples calculated during the discussions afterwards.

Polykemis sustainability specialists Karl and Henrik will give daily presentations in the Polykemi stand about smart material choices. Picture: Polykemi.

ISCC PLUS Certification

A further step towards sustainability and transparency was completed at Polykemi during the summer. They are now certified according to ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).

With this certification, two new bio-circular PP compounds are presented as an addition to the Polykemi’s product portfolio. The new materials, NATUCOMP BPPH GF5030HC and NATUCOMP BPP EP317R UV, are based on bio-circular and mass balanced raw materials. The properties are corresponding to existing fossil based materials (POLYfill PPH GF5030HC and POLYfill PP EP317R UV) and corresponding recycled based materials. More information about this will be presented soon.

ISCC PLUS certifcate. Picture: Polykemi.

CO2 savings potential for injection molders without additional investment

With these new bio-circular and mass balanced materials, Polykemi can expand their COMPLUS PP concept, which already has proven successful in the automotive industry. The COMPLUS PP concept has polymer variants based on both fossil and recycled materials, and now also the bio-circular raw materials. Thanks to this, customers now have an increased flexibility to obtain information and decide about their carbon footprint.

Extensive CO2 savings is also possible by replacing the polymer, without the need of changing the mold. By using a PP HC GF30 instead of PA6 GF30, for example for the sealing of the support strip in convertible cars, the CO2 savings can be up to 75%.

Support strip for sealing in convertible cars made of PP HC GF30. Picture: Polykemi.

Welcome to stand B1-1309 during Fakuma 17-21 October 2023.