Fakuma 2018: Moretto presented his concept of Efficiency 4.0

Fakuma  2018: Moretto presented… Efficiency 4.0

At Fakuma 2018, Moretto presented his concept of "Efficiency 4.0", essential for the factory of the future. For Moretto, "Efficiency 4.0" means a plant made up of advanced machinery and solutions, connected and integrated with each other by a supervision system that guarantees total control of the process.
With a broader view, Moretto aims to support customers by providing experience, technologies and services which meet the needs of the global market. On the 4.0 factory, machines can be remotely managed, they are able to supply and exchange information, to self-program and to provide frequent reports on production. The data obtained are used to modify the process parameters to monitor the performance of the machines, thus optimizing the efficiency of the entire plant.

The Moretto's 4.0 automations exhibited at Fakuma

At Fakuma, in a 230 mq booth, Moretto showed its latest innovation with "Efficiency 4.0". Moretto offers a range of products that satisfies the entire preparation process of the plastic material, from its storage in the silos until the injection moulding machine. The range also includes technologies and machines, developed to guarantee adequate levels of dehumidification, granulation and dosage of the polymer. These are ideal conditions to allow processors to obtain a high quality final product.
Everything under control of Mowis 3, the integrated self-configurable supervision system with intuitive object programming, developed by Moretto for the connection and control of the whole automation chain in plastics processing plants.
Mowis 3 overcomes the barriers of traditional supervision by adapting to the needs and the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of every customer. It's a modular software with unique, auto-configurable and user friendly interface which allows immediate display of the system status.
With Mowis 3, the integrated process control is easily managed from any location, on-site or remote. Based on SCADA system, Mowis 3 allows a safe and immediate exchange of data between standard modules, taylor-made modules and the customer management system.
Moretto's drying solutions are suitable both for complex models such as multi hopper systems and for the dehumidification of small quantities of technical materials, like X Comb mini dryers, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors such as the medical, without the use of compressed air. X Comb guaranteesmaximum efficiency and reliability thanks to the zeolite technology, the powerful turbo compressors, the exclusive OTX hopper and the dew point equalizer (up to - 52 ° C).

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