Engel to present new multidynamic at Fakuma 2018

Premiere at Fakuma

At the Fakuma, multidynamic will be demonstrating its impressive new performance for the first time. To allow this to happen, injection moulded parts with and without additional weights will be alternately picked up and moved by an Engel viper 20 robot. Visitors to the fair can follow live on the injection moulding machine's CC300 control panel how the robot identifies weights and gravity distances, slowing down both its linear and rotary movements when the gripper picks up the component with an additional weight and accelerating again when the gripper is carrying less weight. The determined masses and gravity distances as well as the corresponding cycle times are clearly displayed and documented on the CC300 control.

The multidynamic software is available for Engel viper robots of all sizes as a standard feature. The first viper robots with the new multidynamic will be delivered starting in April 2019.
Engel at Fakuma 2018: hall A5, stand 5204

Source: Engel

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