Engel at Interplastica 2019

Engel at Interplastica 2019 Engel is making its customers more competitive with flexible and efficient machine concepts along with automation from a single source. The system expert headquartered in Schwertberg, Austria, will demonstrate what this means in practical terms at Interplastica 2019, from January 29th to February 1st in Moscow, Russia, by manufacturing lids for food containers including in-mould labelling. Another focus of the Engel trade fair stand in hall 2.1 is the new opportunities that digitalisation and networking are opening up for plastics processors and how they can be easily leveraged.

At Interplastica, Engel will be demonstrating how economical IML concepts can also be implemented for small batch sizes with one-shot production of ready-for-sale decorated lids for food packaging. To do so, Engel will be combining an e-motion 740/220 injection moulding machine equipped with a viper 20 linear robot with an IML uniLINE by TMA Automation. The viper robot removes the label from the IML cell, places it in the mould of the injection moulding machine, simultaneously removes the last moulded finished part and transfers it back to the uniLINE for ejection. Thanks to its standardised system concept, the compact IML cell is particularly easy to integrate. Within a very short time, the injection moulding machine can be flexibly converted for other tasks - with or without in-mould labelling. "We are thus also making IML attractive for the general purpose sector," stresses Olaf Kassek, Managing Director at OOO Engel in Moscow. "TMA's automation solutions can be combined just as easily with Engel e-mac and servo-hydraulic Engel victory injection moulding machines."

Engel Interplastica

The Engel e-motion presented at Interplastica is often the first choice when it comes to producing of food packaging. With its closed system for toggle levers and spindles the injection moulding machine ensures optimum and clean lubrication of all moving machine com-ponents at all times, thus complying with the strict requirements of both the food and medical industries.

TMA Automation, based in Gdynia, Poland, is a new Engel partner specialising in the automation of IML and downstream processes, such as assembly, quality assurance and palletising, in the general-purpose sector for a wide range of industries. Especially in Eastern Europe, the automation expert can point to numerous well-known references. As the general contractor, Engel handles coordination with the automation partner for its customers and supplies the complete production cell from a single source. This also increases efficiency, as fewer interfaces often mean faster project planning.

Intelligent assistance prevents rejects

inject 4.0 is the second focus at the Engel stand in Moscow. "Our customers are increasingly leveraging the potential of digitalisation and connectivity," as Kassek reports. There is specific demand for intelligent assistance systems that enable the injection moulding machine to continuously self-optimise during the on-going process. iQ weight control, for ex-ample, analyses the pressure profile during injection and compares the measured values with a reference cycle. The injection profile, switchover point and the holding pressure profile are adjusted to the current conditions for each individual shot, which keeps the injected volume constant during the entire production run. Fluctuations in the raw material and ambient conditions are thus compensated for before rejects are produced. "The iQ assistance systems are often the first step on the way to becoming a smart factory," as Kassek reports. "The modular structure of the inject 4.0 program makes it easy to get started with individual, smaller solutions and then further develop the digitalisation strategy in line with needs."

Customer portal e-connect in Russian for the first time

One special highlight at Interplastica is the Engel customer portal e-connect, which will be presented in Russian for the first time. At any time and anywhere, it provides an overview of the machine status, the processing status of service and support orders and the prices and availability of spare parts. In this way, the portal simplifies and accelerates communications between processors and Engel as the supplier.

Engel CSM

All service products from the inject 4.0 program are integrated into e-connect, including the new e-connect.monitor for condition-based predictive maintenance and e-connect.24 for 24/7 online support. "In a country as large as Russia, online support and remote maintenance are often decisive competitive factors," as Kassek emphasizes. Qualified Engel service technicians are available around the clock and help users to troubleshoot faults in the shortest possible time, thus minimising downtime. If so desired by the user, the machines can independently send an electronic call for help to Engel so that the specialists can start processing without any loss of time. The associated app keeps the plant operator up to date, even if they are at a completely different location many miles away.

MES for newcomers and advanced users

At Interplastica, Engel will also be presenting smart connectivity solutions for linking injection moulding machines and production cells within the company. TIG authentig, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) by Engel subsidiary TIG (Rankweil, Austria) is tailored to the specific requirements of the injection moulding industry down to the last detail. It ensures transparency in order to, for example, utilise the total capacity of the machines or correlate productivity indicators and economic objectives. The new products that TIG will be presenting for the first time during the trade fair in Russia include the TIG 2go dashboard solution, which is particularly suitable for entering the MES world, and the TIG big data high-performance analysis platform for networking machinery around the globe in a central cockpit.

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