Elix Polymers highlighted latest material innovations at Fakuma 2018

Fabian Herter said: "A roof spoiler is one of the largest components in automotive, with a complex geometry. This aerodynamic part has to deliver an outstanding mechanical performance and it needs to have a very high aesthetic appeal, as it is considered one of the key elements that define the line style of the whole vehicle. The selection of a material that fulfils all the strict requirements of this application is therefore a crucial decision for the manufacturer."

"Elix ABS H801 offers very good mechanical and thermal values as well as good processability in a part which requires both high physical and high aesthetic performance. Furthermore, the easy processing and excellent paintability in both body color and deep black finished parts has definitely contributed to the selection of Elix ABS H801."

Elix Polymers' global presence, proximity to customers and bespoke service reinforced the selection of Elix ABS H801. Throughout the development process, Minghua and Elix collaborated closely in all the steps of the project to fulfil the tough requirements of these technically demanding applications and obtain the best possible final results. As the homologation and production of these automotive parts was established in both China and the US, Elix’ global presence was a clear advantage for a successful project cooperation. Teams from the two companies were in permanent contact, working together during the trials for process optimization.

Fabian Herter concluded: "The final result clearly demonstrates the benefits of using Elix ABS H801 to meet the stringent requirements of this automotive part, leading to technical improvements and cost savings."

Source: Elix Polymers