Elix Polymers highlighted latest material innovations at Fakuma 2018

Single-dose coffee makers are an example of the type of application that Elix is aiming at with the new CC grades. Launching a new machine onto the market requires a large number of tests to be carried out on component materials to guarantee compliance with laws on the safety of their use in contact with food. Such tests can take a considerable amount of time and resources to carry out, with possible effects on the course of development projects.
Ignacio Buezas, Business Development Manager of Elix Polymers said: "This new package of food contact materials and services provides a level of compliance support above that generally available from materials suppliers, for clients who have a particular commitment to the safe use of their products and who require that materials exceed the standards required by law."

"With our new product line and consulting service, we take care of a large portion of the work involved in verifying and guaranteeing that not only our ABS materials, but also all the components present in our materials - pigments and additives for example - are compliant with the law."

Buezas added: "Other aspects related with the characteristics of the manufacturing process will also be reviewed and may be adapted to the specific requirements of our clients. Having a thorough knowledge of the client's application and usage allows us to offer them products that best meet their needs".

Elix Polymers - Fakuma 2018

ElixPolymers launches product line for consumer sectors with special requirements on safety of use.

Elix Polymers has a vast experience supplying materials to industries subject to strict safety of use regulations for plastic materials; these include medical devices, cosmetic containers, and the toy industry where the use of ABS has been traditionally high. "As a result of this experience, we have reviewed and improved our processes to reinforce the safety of our products targeted at markets where these regulations apply," said Buezas.

This innovative product line further increases Elix Polymers' services portfolio, which already includes a wide range of specialities for the different segments of the plastics industry. "The combination of products and services together with our knowledge and experience has made the company unique and positions us on the market as one of the leaders in the manufacturing and sale of ABS and derived materials," Buezas concluded.