Dry Air Moretto: patent confirmed by European Patent Office

Dry Air Moretto: patent confirmed…

With more than 15,000 units sold, Moretto's Dry Air mini dryers are one of the most appreciated solutions by customers around the world thanks to high-performances, product compactness with a design studied down to the smallest detail.

Recently, the European Patent Office (EPO) has definitively recognised the uniqueness and exclusivity of Moretto's mini-dryer Dry Air technology, a system patented in 2005 but objected by two competitors. After 18 years between the approval and opposition processes, the EPO, Europe highest patent authority, confirmed the international patent for the Moretto product, recognising the inventive and distinctive character of the system, stating its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, the Dry Air mini dryers can be installed directly on the processing machine. They are suitable for treatment of polymers used in demanding sectors such as medical, optical, electronics and telephony. This is a success factor in the treatment of technical polymers such as PA6, PBT, PEEK and several others. These materials are, in fact, in continuous evolution and development and require extensive treatment to ensure that the finished product meets the strict standards needed.

Mini dryer Dry Air product range. From the left side: D TX, XD TX and XD XM. Photo: Moretto

The Dry Air range includes three product lines with a total of 15 models to meet different customer expectations.

Dry Air is a dryer with twin self-regenerating towers based on zeolite technology. It works with compressed air and allows the regulation of the air flow sent to the hopper. In the D TX version, the operator, guided by the system database, can independently set the machine according to the type of polymer to be processed and the production required, defining the air flow. The machine monitors the temperature of the air entering and leaving the hopper. The anti-stress function allows a limit temperature to be set for the return air, reducing the air flow when this temperature is exceeded to protect the material from over-drying.

The airflow adjustment is automatic in the XD TX series. By simply setting two parameters - polymer type and hourly throughput - the dryer automatically manages in a self-adaptive way the necessary airflow to treat the material with a significant energy efficiency.

The excellence in the mini dryer family is reached with the XD XM series, dedicated to medical and optical applications. In this version the OTX hopper evolves and becomes transparent by using Pyrex to show the contents, placing it at the top of the range in terms of features and performance.

The anti-stress system prevents the over-drying of the polymer and it is a standard feature of the range. The use of the OTX (Original Thermal eXchanger) increases and completes the performance of the drying unit, realizing an exceptionally energy-efficient solution.

The multiple connection possibilities via USB and MODBUS serial port make these products perfectly integrable to Mowis, the Moretto supervision and management system, as well as connectable to individual instruments for process data collection. Versions are available for connection to Master 300 palmtop device for improved ergonomics in multi-hopper applications, or in the case of on-machine installation.

Reliability, excellent performance and attention to details are therefore the benefits that best summarise Moretto technology in the mini dryer segment.