Chinaplas back in action!

Chinaplas back in action!

We talk to Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, about this year's CHINAPLAS, exhibitors and participants, and the portfolio of products and technologies presented in Shenzhen.

This year's edition of CHINAPLAS recently came to an end. Until a few months ago, China remained closed due to the pandemic situation, but you decided to organize this exhibition. What are your first impressions after that?

Amazing. I think everything is very amazing. As you know in China, the pandemic was being put under control within a very short period of time. Daily lives and businesses resumed normal very quickly. At that time, in our contact with our exhibitors and visitors, we could feel that most of the participants were long for the physical show of CHINAPLAS. Despite the fact that, in recent years, the trend of digitalization becomes more and more popular, we can see that it cannot replace the face-to-face meetings and contacts between people. Everyone is looking forward to the show and now we are very happy that CHINAPLAS was successfully held in Shenzhen last month. We heard a lot of good responses and feedback from the participants. Now we are still very happy and very excited from the show. We are very glad that CHINAPLAS has provided a platform for international trade and technical exchange to resume for the industry.

Then let's move on to the numbers. How many exhibitors presented their products and, the most important thing, how many trade visitors were there?

This year we had 3,905 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions. For the visitors, it’s a new record for CHINAPLAS this year. We had almost 250,000 international visitors which is over 52 % increase of CHINAPLAS 2019 in Guangzhou, about 63% increase of the last Shenzhen CHINAPLAS in 2021. To us, it’s a new record in CHINAPLAS history.

There were obviously global brands at CHINAPLAS, but I also saw many smaller companies from Europe. This time I did not see companies from Poland, but maybe in the future... Can we say that the CHINAPLAS fair has an international scale again?

Yes, indeed. CHINAPLAS is the international exhibition in plastics and rubber industries for the global industries. The international level is very high, just now I have mentioned that we had 3,905 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions. In fact, among them, there were 9 country / region pavilions, they were organized by Austria, France, German, Italy, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, as well as Japan and Taiwan region.

Whereas on the visitor side, we had about 30,000 visitors from overseas. Although it has not yet back to the past level of overseas visitors, it has already superseded 50% of the past. We also had 40 overseas buyer delegations organized by the industry associations and end-user associations from the countries of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey. You can say that the international level was very high in this year CHINAPLAS.