Chinaplas 2023 - concurrent events preview (Part II)

HKMDC Advanced Molding & Innovative Technology Symposium: Compiling latest molding technologies

Co-organized with Hong Kong Mould & Die Council, "Empowering Product Quality with Advanced Molding & Innovative Technology" Symposium will have its first appearance on the third day of Chinaplas 2023. Molding is one of fundamental and essential manufacturing processes. With the development of the plastics and rubber industries, the increasing of customers’ demands on high-end and high-precision products leads to the expectations of newer and more sophisticated molding technologies. Leading enterprises and industrial experts will share the latest sustainable molding technologies and the future trends for industry 4.0 with audience.

SciXplore Forum: Inspired by renowned scientists and academicians

Another highlighted event on Day 2 is the SciXplore Forum, co-organized with Society of Advanced Molding Technology. Under the theme of “Connecting Polymer Science with Applications”, well known scientists and academicians will share their views and latest reports on future development trend and scientific breakthrough achievement of polymer industry through “Keynote Speeches”, “Panel Discussion”, “Meet the Stars”, and the new sessions of “Walk with Scientists”. The intelligences will show up in the exhibition hall and interacting with exhibitors to explore innovative ideas, and “Scientists’ Night”, invited leaders from key companies enjoying the feast with scientists.

Market Insights Hub & Development Day for Campus Elites: Encouraging your next venture

Last but not least, Market Insights Hub, to be held on Day 4 of Chinaplas 2023 (Apr 20), shall organize 6 professional forums which will gather industry leaders and experts from renowned companies such as Deloitte China, TCL, STC (Dongguan) etc.. The forums will provide insights and business inspiration on the topics including practical testing & certification tips for food contact material and medical device, RCEP business opportunities, new media marketing strategies, cost reduction in factory operation and latest market trends of plastic raw materials.

Concurrently, on the Development Day for Campus Elites, professors from the Southern University of Science and Technology will lead a group of teenager elites from multiple universities to meet the representatives of enterprises face-to-face for talent matching. The event will serve as an excellent platform for companies to discover and nurture future stars in the plastics and rubber industries.


The World and China reconnected!

China has reopened its borders to overseas travelers and welcomes travelers from around the world. Health codes nor quarantine are no longer required for all travelers to China. Starting from Feb 6, the personnel exchanges between the Mainland China and Hong Kong & Macau have also resumed. Starting from Mar 1, travelers from Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Cambodia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Hungary, and Laos who arrive at China directly, do not need to show negative PCR test certificates prior to flight departure. Relevant authorities stationed abroad have already resume examining and issuing various types of Chinese visas, including travel visa since March 15. At the same time, the visa-free entry into Guangdong province is also resumed for foreigners in groups from Hong Kong and Macau. Meanwhile, the EU, South Korea, US and Australia have also phased out PCR COVID tests for travelers from China. Negative pre-departure PCR test certificates are no longer required. All of these easing of controls would provide more convenience to overseas visitors for their trip to Chinaplas in Shenzhen, PR China.

Chinaplas 2023 is ready to receive crowds of international visitors in Shenzhen. It is a golden opportunity to visit the exhibition in person to reactivate the physical contacts with suppliers and partners, master updated trends, meet startups and rising stars, get ideas for business planning, and discover industry highlights. Click here to pre-register Chinaplas 2023 now! Exhibition Health Screening and Shenzhen Immigration & Health Requirements will be updated in due course, please refer to the show website for the latest information.

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