CMG Granulators at Plastpol 2023

CMG Granulators at Plastpol…

CMG Granulators will be one of the exhibitors at Plastpol 2023 displaying a G17-22 granulator and a SL screen-less granulator. This is the 27th edition of the show that will be held in Kielce, from 23 to 26 May.

G17 series - high precision granulators

The new CMG series of G17 granulators is designed to obtain the most homogeneous regrind shape and dimensions, along with little to no presence of dust. One additional very unique benefit of this new line is the ability to produce regrind with very small dimensions. The great advantage of dimensionally small regrind is the possibility to add higher percentages to the virgin material with no influence to the quality of the finished product. Small capacity systems, injection moulding machines or extruders, are equipped with small diameter plastification screws, unable to process granules with dimensions exceeding those of the virgin granule. The G17 granulators produce regrind which is dimensionally comparable to the virgin pellet.


SL series - screen-less granulators suitable for highly technical injection molding

CMG launches a new series of low speed screen-less granulators with innovative and unique attributes, all contributing to obtaining the highest degree of regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation, ease of cleaning and the best application flexibility. The new SL range consists of four models, for capacities going from 5 kg/h up to 30 kg/h.