Borealis at Fakuma 2011

Borealis at Fakuma 2011
Borealis and value chain Partners show innovative, value creating solutions at Fakuma 2011.

At this year the Fakuma international trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 18-22, Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative plastics solutions, will showcase some of its innovative and value-creating products and solutions together with its machinery and distribution partners in the value chain.

Throughout the international trade fair for plastics processing, Borealis products will be demonstrated on the stands of Engel Austria, Wittmann Battenfeld and NEXEO Solutions.

Key products to be featured include:

Bormed HD810MO in action at Engel Austria
Over the last decade, developments in polypropylene (PP) have created possibilities to replace glass and polystyrene in many healthcare applications. The high inertness of PP, combined with the highly improved transparency, makes new PP products attractive especially in areas where optical reading is necessary to make a final visual check on the product. Bormed HD810MO combines an excellent transparency with radiation resistance or reduced friction, which further increases its benefits for applications like syringes.

Bormod BF970MO in action at Engel Austria
Bormod BF970MO is a heterophasic copolymer used for applications where outstanding impact-stiffness balance is needed such as storage boxes or furniture applications. Bormod BF970MO is made using unique Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT) which provides a highly uniform crystalline structure during cooling and rapid solidification for earlier de-moulding and higher output in the injection moulding process. A 10% decrease in cycle time versus melt flow rate (MFR) 14 material has been shown, while delivering an enhanced balance of mechanical properties (MFR 20).

Bormod BJ998MO in action at Wittmann Battenfeld
Greater productivity without reduced performance was the primary market challenge and driver behind the development of the newest member in the Bormod product family: Bormod BJ998MO. Bormod BJ998MO, a PP heterophasic copolymer with MFR 100 based on Borstar technology, contributes to the sustainability of packaging by enabling lightweight packaging and energy savings in the production process. At Fakuma, Bormod BJ998MO was chosen to produce butter containers.

Borealis Xmod GB306SAF PPGF36 in action at NEXEO Solutions
Borealis features a range of weight saving solutions to substitute heavy weight materials such as steel, aluminium and higher density plastics, making them especially suited for use in the automotive industry. Borealis Xmod GB306SAF PPGF36, has been successfully implemented over the past 12 months, replacing PA6GF30 and reducing part weight by approximately 15%.