Biesterfeld brings SK Chemicals’ sustainable copolyesters to the cosmetics industry

Biesterfeld brings SK Chemicals’…

SK Chemicals launches new, sustainable product solutions from the Ecotria brand onto the market. Following the successful establishment in the cosmetics industry of Ecotria R100 and Ecotria R200 products, which contain up to 30% PCR material, SK Chemicals and Biesterfeld are now presenting new product types with up to 70% PCR content in the form of Ecotria R101 and Ecotria R102. As a long-term strategic partner to SK Chemicals, Biesterfeld will be distributing the Ecotria grades in the EMEA region and Brazil.

The Ecotria product family offers high transparency, especially in thick-walled parts, and excellent chemical resistance. The PCR component is made entirely from recycled PET bottles and, alongside other sustainable copolyester product solutions from SK Chemicals, is 100% certified as RIC 1-compatible. With Ecotria, SK Chemicals and Biesterfeld are offering tailor-made sustainable packaging solutions developed specifically for the cosmetics market, which help customers to satisfy EU regulations such as Directive 94/62/EC. The product family therefore receives a lot of positive feedback from customers. "Sustainability is of great importance to us," says Denis Moiraud, Plant Director, Medicos Izernore. "Ecotria R200 contains PCR and is also recyclable with PET so it’s completely in line with the latest directives on packaging and packaging waste. The grade combines aesthetics, physical properties and the green expectations of our customers."


In addition to products containing mechanically recycled PCR PET, SK Chemicals extends its sustainable product range using chemically recycled PET. Ecotria CR is due to be launched on the global market from the 4th quarter. The technology used to chemically process the recycled material makes it possible to fully restore the transparency of the original material. Ecotria is now part of Biesterfeld’s copolyester portfolio, based around the SkyPET, SkyGreen and EcoZen product families.

"Together with our partners we're working hard to offer our customers sustainable solutions for their products," says Wilhelm Postel, Business Manager Biesterfeld Plastic. "As a long-term and important innovation partner, SK Chemicals plays a key role in these efforts. Our shared goal is to globally expand our partnership and market share for sustainable copolyesters."

"Biesterfeld has been distributing our product solutions internationally for several decades with great success and has grown to become one of the most important strategic partners in Europe and Brazil for SK Chemicals," adds Steve Kim, Head of Copolyester, SK Chemicals.