Arburg exhibit at NPE 2024

Arburg exhibit at NPE 2024

A perfect example for the efficient production of high-quality plastic parts using injection moulding is a turnkey system based around an Allrounder More 2000. With the "two-component eyeglasses" application, Arburg (stand W 3743) will be demonstrating at NPE 2024 its renowned wide-ranging expertise in multi-component injection moulding, LSR processing, automation and networked production. Exciting for trade visitors: At the partner stands of Kistler (W3321), Shin-Etsu (S26055) and Adler (S31151), further components will be manufactured so that the eyeglasses can be supplemented with temples, lanyard and case.

The production of ready-to-use two-component eyeglasses provides an impressive demonstration of Arburg's extensive expertise and portfolio, which not only includes machine and process technology, but also robotic systems, control and digitalisation.

Two-component eyeglasses as a hard/soft combination

The Allrounder More machines are Arburg's special series for multi-component injection moulding. They offer lots more space for moulds, rotary units, media connections and a usable ejector stroke as well as numerous optimised features for greater ease of use and simple maintenance. Precision is ensured by a highly dynamic electric toggle-type clamping unit with energy-efficient, liquid-cooled servo motors.

At NPE 2024, an Allrounder More 2000 with 2,000 kN of clamping force and two electric injection units will process optical liquid silicone (LSR) and thermoplastic (PA). The two-component eyeglasses are produced in a 1+1-cavity mould in a cycle time of around 85 seconds. First, the vertical injection unit moulds the frame made of PA. An index unit then rotates the pre-moulded part into the second station. There, a horizontal injection unit adds the soft LSR lens. Part handling is performed by a Yaskawa six-axis robot.

An Allrounder More 2000 with 2,000 kN of clamping force and two electric injection units will be producing two-component eyeglasses at NPE 2024. In this application, part handling will be performed by a Yaskawa six-axis robot.

Central Gestica control system

As well as the two injection units (in s 400 and 100), the central Gestica machine controller also programs a Yaskawa industrial robot "powered by Arburg" directly with speed and ease. Temperature control devices and other peripheral equipment can also be integrated. This includes the LSR dosing unit from Elmet, which communicates with the Gestica via OPC UA and the Euromap 82.3 interface. This simplifies programming, as well as monitoring, storage and evaluation of process data.

Turnkey system "Engineered by Arburg USA"

With the fully automated application on show at the trade fair, Arburg Inc. will also be showcasing its turnkey expertise for the North American market. The experts at Arburg in the USA work closely with the company headquarters and contribute comprehensive specialist knowledge in order to find creative solutions and implement complete turnkey solutions tailored precisely to the specific requirements of the customer. This increases part quality, process reliability, availability, ability to create value and production efficiency. As a general contractor, the subsidiary looks after not only the implementation and installation, but also advance planning and service for its customers' complete production cells.

Further eyeglasses components on partner stands

Of particular interest to trade visitors is the practical implementation of the idea to manufacture additional components completing the glasses at three partner stands at NPE 2024:

  • An electric Allrounder 370 E Golden Electric will produce matching eyeglasses temples made of ABS at the Kistler stand (W3321). Part handling will be performed by an Integralpicker V. Visitors will also be able to have the temples personalised with their own name.
  • Complementary lanyards made of LSR will be produced on an electric Allrounder 470 A at the Shin-Etsu stand (S26055).
  • At the Adler stand (S31151), another electric Allrounder 470 A will be producing a matching glasses case made of PP.
Two-component eyeglasses: An Allrounder More 2000 will be producing eyeglasses made of optical LSR as well as frames made of thermoplastic (PA) at NPEv2024. Other components, such as temples, lanyards and glasses cases, will be produced at partner-company stands.