Allrounder 920 H: turnkey system makes toolboxes in the Arburg design

Allrounder 920 H: turnkey…

Arburg will be present at Fakuma 2023 with nine exhibits on Stand 3101 in Hall A3, plus ten additional machines on partner stands. In a live demonstration, a hybrid Allrounder 920 H with a clamping force of 5,000 kN will produce the main components of the much sought-after toolbox in the Arburg design. The turnkey system also includes a Scara robot integrated into the machine controller, a Multilift V linear robot system and an innovative tool carrier facility. The high-quality plastic product will be completed by hand and the stylish toolbox handed out to the trade fair visitors.

Over-moulded 3D films and hot-stamped Arburg lettering help create the high-grade aesthetics of the meticulously designed giveaway. The centre section, handle, closing clips and the feet were likewise pre-manufactured at Arburg in Lossburg on Allrounders.

A flexible turnkey system based around a hybrid Allrounder 920 H will be producing the main components of the much sought-after toolbox in the Arburg design at Fakuma 2023.

Automated: robotic systems work hand-in-hand

Film inserts positioned on workpiece carriers are fed into the production cell by a double sliding table. A KUKA Scara robot, programmable via the Gestica control system, prepares the pre-produced film inserts and places them on a centering station to suit the cavity spacings of the mould. A linear robot system then comes into play: the Multilift V 40 picks up the inserts, moves past an ionisation bar, which cleans them, and inserts them into the 1+1-cavity injection mould. Here, they undergo in-mould lamination in the insert moulding process. The two moulded parts are then removed. The raised Arburg lettering on the top shell is refined inline in a hot stamping station, and this is discharged together with the bottom shell via a conveyor system. The innovative tool carrier facility is combined with a manual workstation outside the turnkey system, on which the toolbox is completed with its centre section, handle, locking clips and feet.

A Scara robot and a Multilift V 40 linear robot system handle the toolbox halves.

Sustainable: biomaterials and recyclate from PET films

A sustainable, biomass-balanced and ISCC-certified PC/ABS from Covestro is processed for the main components. The case closures and handles are created from components made of Recopound® from Arburg partner Leonhard Kurz. This material is extracted from post-industrial recyclate (PIR) on the basis of PET films. It uses up to 40 percent less CO2 than new materials. For homogeneous material processing and consistently high product quality, the exhibit is equipped with Arburg’s recyclate package, which includes hardware and software elements.

"Intelligent" assistance systems

"Intelligent" Gestica assistants provide active support at the machine. The "aXw Control FillAssist" function is networked with Simcon’s Varimos plug-in for filling simulation in the control system itself. With the help of this AI-supported variant analysis from Cadmould, the injection moulding simulation is automated with the FillAssist and "learns" which effects the machine parameter changes have. Another assistance function for this application is the "aXw Control EnergyAssist" for optimised switching on and off of all heating zones. The, "aXw Control PressurePilot" ensures bionically optimised pressure regulation. As an addition to the recyclate package, the adaptive process control works with the "aXw control RecyclatePilot" feature to create a stable shot weight.

Stylish toolbox: over-moulded 3D films and hot-stamped Arburg lettering provide the high-grade aesthetics.