Agristab, next-generation UV stabilizer range

Agristab, next-generation…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced Agristab new high-performance UV stabilizers offering outstanding UV resistance for greenhouse films used under intensive pesticide conditions.

Greenhouses and low tunnels are widely used in the agricultural industry to modify growth and climatic conditions in order to accelerate plant maturity and optimize crop yields. To protect crops from pests and disease, farmers usually apply fumigation pest control. Sulphur and chlorine, chemicals found in the most commonly-used insecticides, can interact and deactivate light stabilizers used in plasticulture and lead to an early degradation of the film, shortening the life span of greenhouses.

Ampacet’s next-generation Agristab solutions provide excellent UV protection to greenhouse films and low tunnels when pesticides are heavily used -- up to 5000 ppm for sulphur and 250 ppm for chlorine. Agristab masterbatches help to achieve service life of multi-season greenhouse films of 3 years +, reducing the frequency of replacement of coverage film and lowering the impact of farming on the environment.

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