A new flame retardant masterbatch made of post-consumer rPP

A new flame retardant masterbatch…

Gabriel-Chemie Group, in collaboration with Vivi Srl, has developed a new flame retardant masterbatch for the moulding of second-life polypropylene products. This innovative masterbatch enables to obtain the Italian class 1 according to UNI 9174.

Gabriel-Chemie, confirms its market leadership in the research, development and innovation of flame retardant masterbatch for the furniture sector, a sector where it now boasts numerous international approvals for various polymers, also confirms the attention to eco-sustainability projects. Sustainable products, which are already making a major contribution to preserving the planet, are in greater demand than ever. GCs innovations and research projects are aimed precisely at this - producing plastic as a valuable and reusable material.

Vivi Srl has identified the ideal polypropylene, made entirely with post-consumer waste. By selecting the most suitable material to create design furniture components, with a high degree of aesthetics required and large thicknesses. Sustainability, design and functionality no longer contradicts each other.