Vertical competence - proven for many years

Vertical competence - proven… The German Witte Automotive Group manufactures in its Czech production plants in Nejdek and Ostrov large quantities of mechatronic lock modules for passenger car doors and trunk lids. The housings of the electromechanical drive units are metal/plastic hybrid parts. They consist of a conductor track structure formed as a stamped and bent part, which is covered with plastic on both sides of the housing in the injection molding process. To make these components, Witte has been relying on Wittmann Battenfeld injection molding machines with vertical rotary table clamping units for more than 15 years.

A tour of the Witte Automotive production plant in Nejdek near Karlovy Vary in North-Western Czechia is an impressive experience even for insiders of the industry. Especially during shift changes, when the paths of hundreds of workers arriving and leaving cross each other. Their total number is more than 2000. A large proportion of the workforce is employed in the assembly of many different mechatronic components for closing and locking of cars. But the product range of the Witte Automotive Group goes far beyond door handles, since it also includes restraining bars, internal door operating units, keys and locks, closing aids, door-stays, door brakes and motorized door drives.

The range for engine hoods and trunk lids is similarly diversified. In addition to the electromechanical locking units, it includes electrical drives and grip rails with integrated lighting and sensor switches. To improve pedestrian safety, components for the "active" engine hood concept are manufactured as well. Here, pyrotechnical components ensure that in the event of a collision the engine hood is raised to provide a softer crumple zone at the front.
Witte / Nejdek, however, not only assembles an impressive, diversified range of safety-relevant motor vehicle components, but also makes a large proportion of the parts in-house, especially in the injection molding department, where some 400 workers manufacture them in 4 shifts with currently 51 machines ranging from 50 to 650 tons in clamping force. The production plant receives vigorous support from the 70 staff members of the company’s own mold-making shop.

WiBa-V-Maschinen bei Witte-Nejdek

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