Vecoplan expands its Service division

Digitalisation is on the advance

The latest customer demand in the service sector? It’s digital networking of machines with the manufacturer to allow remote access at any time. Vecoplan’s specialists can access the controller or the control panel and identify, analyse and eliminate errors in real time. Live images can be transmitted via webcams and complex technical issues can be explained using chat or video/teleconference technology. “Relevant data and documents are also available online,” says Pfeil. All the service measures are also listed. For example, users are reminded in good time when maintenance activities are due.

Vecoplan has bundled the implementation of these requirements in its Vecoplan Smart Center Strategy (VSC). The Westerwald company offers a modern communication interface via VSC.connect, for example. “The basic equipment includes the monitoring and evaluation of machine data and the issuing of service requests,” says Pfeil. The customer also has access to relevant documentation such as operating manuals, data sheets and tutorials. “Thanks to this powerful digitalisation concept, we can maximise the efficiency of our plants and systems,” explains Pfeil enthusiastically.

The integrated and intuitive VSC.control operating panel not only serves as a communication medium for the modern control system and as a link to the Vecoplan technicians, it also allows the machines to be operated easily and intuitively.

Users can activate many additional services, such as online commissioning, remote service, predictive maintenance and document management via an integrated app store. The intuitive VSC.control operating panel serves as a communication medium for the modern control system and as a link to the Vecoplan technicians.

“Of course, our customers can also use it to operate the machines simply and intuitively,” emphasises Pfeil. This is a huge relief, especially if you have to process various materials that have different requirements. Vecoplan has integrated a settings manager to this end. Settings for different materials, which have proven themselves in practice, can be saved and called up at any time. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are continually developing this business segment to achieve that,” promises Pfeil.